The Tencent Giant Rises Inflexion Games (Nightingale) to the Improbable Group

The British Studio Improbable is known mainly to be at the origin of Spatialos technology – which must generate truly persistent virtual worlds. If the technology poses beautiful promises, few games actually manage to exploit it effectively (all or almost they were abandoned under development or beta-test) and in 2018, the British leaned the creation of the studio Inflexion Games , in Canada, finally realize a full game based on its engine.
Infleased Games is headed by Aaryn Flynn (a veteran from Bioware ), now has more than a hundred employees and works on his first title, the game of survival and exploration Nightingale ** – whose early early access phases are planned this year.

By way of communicating, unlikely today announces the sale of inflection games to the Chinese giant Tencent . The trio does not disclose the modalities or the amount of the transaction, except that it is not so that it has sold the entire units of inflection that it held and that the operation seems to be amicable. As a result, inflection thus joins the many development studios already held by Tencent and Nightingale integrates the level infinite label, the global brand of Tencent games.

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Unlikely does not reveal the reasons for this sale but we can imagine that the British group needs liquidity to focus on its own activities (Adapt Spatialos to the necessities of the metavers) or that the British group is not able to ensure The financing necessary for the further development of Nightingale – where Tencent can obviously be a weight support. We will be something curious to discover if Nightingale is still based on Spatialos. By then, let’s bet any that the Canadian developer will enjoy the broadess of his new mother home to refine his game as it should.

Updated (17h) : As part of an interview with Gamesindustry, Aaryn Flynn specifies that Nightingale no longer relies on unlikely spacecraft technologies. According to the inflection boss, sales projects go back last summer and it’s already since that date the developer has abandoned Spatialos for the benefit of other technologies not specified at this stage. As a result, Nightingale reorients with multiplayer play mechanics in more commitment that initially announced, easier to implement.
Aaryn Flynn further specifies that he remains at the head of inflection and that Tencent guarantees him a certain independence in the design of Nightingale.

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