Is there a hacking in Project Zomboid?

If you are interested, is it in Project zomboid the possibility of hacking, answer: no . The Project ZomBoid does not have a selection function Doors locks in the current assembly 41 .

Because of this, if you see a locked door, the only way to get around it is either through the window, or break door down. You can break the door, disassembled it with hammer as well as screwdriver or weapons.

FireAxe is an excellent choice for destroying the doors , but you can also use a ghostly sledgehammer to perform work. The only goal of the sledgehammer is to remove things that prevent you from getting other things. However, to use sledgehammer Equip it as the main one and then right-click the wall, door or any object blocking the path.

After clicking the right mouse button, the option of destruction will appear, click on it, and your character will start swinging. In several swings The object on your path will disappear, and you can pass through it.

How to add clotts of locks in Project Zomboid

To add alloys to Project Zomboid, you need to download improved mod on breaking * in Steam workshop. Superior Castle hacking adds the system for * Highlighting locks , similar to the classic Skyrim blocking system for Project Zomboid. Along with the hacking system, the mod also adds the following:

  • Expanded Profession Robber
  • Mini-games to open windows and connect cars
  • Ability to check anxiety
  • Magazines for hacking
  • Alarm Logs

Hack Project Zomboid

  • Clumps
  • Homemade studs

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