“A victory yet”: UTH expects the Cologne plan

The view went to the right, to the man with the flag. He kept the pace against his opponent after the surprising ball gain. But this short distraction totred Anthony Modeste \ – simply because he wanted to know if he is offside.

He did not stand, the way was free.

The way to the 1-0, the crucial hit. Also a result of meticulous work in the theoretical area. “We have seen in video analysis that the Frankfurt central defenders are always a bit offset”, betrayed modestests, who always had to orient themselves on the last defendant of Eintracht, so as not to go out. “That helped me,” says the striker at “SKY”.

The rest were an amazing sprint and a thoughtful shot through the legs of Kevin Trapp, in the middle of the Cologne luck. Colleague Mark Uth left the joy free run: “He is mad. Ice cold. We are pleased to be that he is with us and every time me works hard – and he’s the thing in Cologne,” laughed at the Cologne, the well-known: “We did it outstanding against this opponent. That was more than deserved.”

“This speaks for the development of the team”

Suddenly, after 23 playing with 35 points, six is ​​recorded. This in a season, in which one does not look over the luck, but had to work hard to work hard so far. “A victory yet,” Uth expects, “then we have nothing to do with the descent. Then we look up and how far it goes!”

In fact, the ceiling bats presented in front of the 10,000 approved spectators in Mülgsdorf above all intense football, vehemently threw themselves in every duel and freed itself in every phase of the pressure of the Frankfurter. “We won deserved, due to the game shares and game control,” praised FC sports chief Jörg Jakob’s, only “Two goal terminals we have admitted. This speaks for the development of the team. And it was pleased to have rewarded me late. “

Modest also thinks about the competitors

Once again, it turned out that the variant with two sixs against counter-strong teams is not the worst solution, Salih Özcan and Ellyes Skhiri made the center skilfully. Jakobs: “With increasing playing time we are stable and have held a lot away from the gate.”

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In the stand because of Marvin Schwesbes illness Timo Horn, who played “zero” for the first time this season and acquaintances: “The situation is not easy after ten years as number 1. But I try to accept the positive. Giving in training, not Stick your head in the sand. I have the claim to play from the beginning. ” What the future brings makes the Routinian open: “You will see what happens. The game today has definitely done well.”

A lot of jubilation in Müngersdorf.

Not completely satisfied, however, Steffen Baugart showed. Cologne coach missed the support of the fans at the beginning. Especially professionals like Sebastian Andersson and Timo Horn, who troubled a difficult time, would have earned the full and loud support. However, the coach heard this after the break – which was clearly too late. As it goes, just matched Matchwinner Anthony Modeste showed. When asked if he’d rather played from the beginning, he first answered, “Who does not want that?” To follow: “I accept that and I’m looking forward to Sebastian. He is a good boy and I hope he will meet again soon.”

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