[Weekly sparan 2/11] “Do not human rights to men with a height of 170 cm” Progemer contract cancellation of a statement, a new generation of “Cyberpunk 2077” finally delivery start

From the article published in GAME * SPARK on February 11, 2022 (Thursday) to February 17, 2022, we will introduce the top 5 this week. Weekly sparan time. I would like to go for a week, I am also recommended for those who want to know quickly because I am busy!

# 5th-New generation machine “Cyberpunk 2077” finally delivered

CD ProJekt Red has started to publish the latest patch 1.5 and has started delivery with the new generation of PLAYSTATION 5 / XBOX SERIES X | S. According to the content announced by the official delivery “RedStream # 2”, which was held from midnight on February 16, patch 1.5 improves visual and performance for new generation machines such as ray tracing and dynamic 4K, new romance Game play such as new interactions, new rooms, new equipment, new equipment, character customization options, and improvement of maps and UIs, improvement of AI and crowd behavior, improvement of comfort Change of change.

In addition, a new generation of trials can be played at the longest for 5 hours, and progress can be taken over to the product version (trial version delivery is until 1 am on March 16, 2012). Detailed patch notes and the performance overview of new generation models are being published at the official site.

A new generation version “Cyberpunk 2077” finally appeared! Development started with patch 1.5

# 4-Pokémon Legends Alceus “Pokémon Legends”

This project to deliver funny to play topic games with uncle’s picture. The introduction of this time is Software “Pokémon Legends Alceus” for Nintendose switches by Pokemon Corporation. On the stage of the Hisei region before being called the Shin-Ou region, the traditional “Pokemon” series is the attraction of the unusual work, which has been unusual, is introduced with the insertion of Mr. Yoshida Yoshida. Also, you can check the past picture diary from here.

[Aiki Yoshida’s picture diary] Such a long time ago! I feel my ability to kill “Pokémon Legends Alceus” Pokemon…

# 3rd place-Mihoyo, new brand “Hoyoverse”

Mihoyo, which is known to China, and known for works such as “Koji” and “collapse 3rd”, announced the launch of the new brand “Hoyoverse” for overseas. HOYOVERSE develops business at each office of Montreal, Los Angeles, Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul. We are going to expand content production, technical research and publishing work.

The background of this establishment seems to be affected by the national censorship by the Great Firewall of Chinese authorities, and the establishment of the new brand may have relatively restricted to commercial development overseas I have. Mihoyo has taken measures such as changing the character costumes of “Kojinami” so far, and the current former mihoyo title, including “Harami God”, etc. is currently changed to Japan. “Hoyoverse”.

“Kawagami” Provided in each country including Japan, the brand has changed, China’s authorities’ regulations background or established the new brand “HOYOVERSE”

# 2th-Progemer of inappropriate remarks “Takanaka”, cancel the player contract

“Tajima”, who sponsored during its own delivery, such as a “170 cm of height”, and the “Tanuka” belonging to the professional gift team Cyclops Athlete Gaming was canceled on February 17.

According to Cyclops announcement, inappropriate remarks and attitudes during delivery are never acceptable, and it has reached the cancellation of the player’s contract. In addition, the past problems of the past are also attracting attention, and their stacking has become one end of this turmoil. Currently, “Tanuka” ‘s Twitter has a apology sentence, and the video is a video that the video is deleted in the Instagram.

Cyclops cancel player contract with Progemer “Taika” of incorrect remarks

# 1st-Red Bull, Inappropriate Remark Progemer Page Delete

On February 16, Proguming Team Cyclops Athlete Gaming has published apologies on the official site about the “Tanuka” of the affiliated player who is a problem with inappropriate remarks. According to apologies, this remarks apologize to many people who made many people feel uncomfortable as a sense of awareness and responsibility for their own professional players, and the management system including compliance training We are supposed to prevent strengthening and recurrence.

Also, from the “Red Bull” official site, which was sponsored, has been deleted, but there is no official announcement to date.

About Progemer-Tanuka’s Inapproperation Remarks Affiliation Team posts apology-Sponsored Red Bull Official Site Delete Player Page

The most read this week is an article about the inappropriate remarks by the professional gena. Broadmedia E Sports Co., Ltd., which operates Cyclops Athlete Gaming, who belonged, has also announced the cancellation of the player contract on February 18 about “KBATON” that belonged to the team. The official reason is not revealed, but Kbaton has a problem with past remarks in Twitter, and it seems to have reached this announcement. In addition, Kbaton’s account has already been removed.

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