After Bach Criticism: Valieva

That Figure Skating Show’s thoughts on Kamila Valieva, Olympic drama in Beijing
“I’m still helpless about the evaluation of our work through the esteemed Mr. Bach,” Eteri Tutberidse commented on Instagram. The 47-year-old supported an open letter from the Russian coach Alexander Schulin to Bach in the social network.

In it, Schulin expressed “surprised” from the reaction of the IOC president. Tutberidse has been training six medal winners at Olympia and four Olympic champions since 2014. “She probably knows how and what she has to say to her students,” Schulin wrote.

Bach over “ice-cold atmosphere” and body language

The President of the International Olympic Committee had expressed his compassion for Valieva after its bitter Olympic Final with fourth place and criticized the environment with trainer Tutberidse. “When I saw how she was received by her environment, with something that made me like a tremendous cold, it ran cold over his back, to see what happened there,” said Bach said. “Instead of comforting them, instead of helping her after what had happened, you could feel like ice cold was the atmosphere. To experience such a distance, if you only looked at the body language of this person, this has only been in the Experience worse. ” These statements of Bach pushed incomprehension in Moscow.

After the doping vortex and a tour of the short program, Gold-Favoritin Valieva had made several mistakes on Thursday night and had become fourth. From trainer Tutberidse, the 15-year-old received no consolation, but harsh and disturbing words. Valieva had returned to Moscow on Friday at Applaus to Moscow.

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