Lost Ark: Maintenance is over

Update from 17 February 2022 – 10:47:
The servers of Lost Ark are online again after maintenance. Have fun in Arkesia!

Lost Ark Launch DELAYED, deployment issues cited, here's the details
Original message from 17 February 2022 – 09:00:
It looks as if the responsible persons wanted to stay faithful to Amazon Games of their previous line during maintenance . Even today, on February 17, 2022, the Servers of Lost Ark go offline at 08:59, so that the developers can implement a patch or various hotfixes. For three hours, the maintenance should last. For past maintenance, however, the worlds of the online role-playing game were partly significantly earlier live.

That brings the patch

In the official forum there was already a view of the contents of the patch by Community Manager Roxx:

  • Through a mistake it could happen that the currency exchange remains hang if your royal crystals want to refund. This bug was fixed.
  • There are improvements for delays and connection issues when using the Ingame Shop.
  • There was a problem that the events of the adventure islands were displayed incorrectly via the compass.

  • A problem has been fixed, by the player of the European region were thrown out of the game.
  • The technical foundation was laid for the new European region, which should mean “Europe West”. However, the servers of this region are not yet switched live yet.
  • An error showed emoticons as text when two players communicate with each other using different language settings.
  • An error has been fixed by which the colors of the “Northern Lawmaker” ski of warriors were incorrect.
  • A problem with DirectX 11 and UI scaling has been fixed.

As soon as the servers of Lost Ark (Buy Now 19.99 €) go online after the completed maintenance, we update this message of course for you. What does it look like: Would you also want other maintenance times for the European servers from Lost Ark? Betray us in the comments!

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