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Check out our detailed advice on Special Cards of Players from DCE on Fifa 22. The idea is to give you details on the map and so, help you make a decision to do or not to make a challenge team creation around a player. The maximum possible special cards will be established, with a most complete notice possible. Obviously, only the current DCE will be present. If a player is missing, usually this indicates that the card is clearly too weak to appear (or we are still working on a review), do not hesitate to ask us questions in comment if a card you are missing you would like complete.

Updated : Update of Friday, February 18th. We start this guide with some opinions on several current big DCE. The list will be updated by this weekend to understand the majority of CEOs in progress.

IMPORTANT : Do not hesitate to comment following this guide if you have specific questions or need a notice from your training or your style of play. As usual, we will take the time to answer you to help you in your team choices and evolutions.

NOTICE ON CARDS Players of DCE Active on FIFA 22

We give you here our opinion on the players’ cards from DCE active on the mode was FIFA 22. Note that it must always be taken into account that a DCE leads to loss of cards and therefore, of indirect credits. When the foders are very expensive, the calculation should not be “I spent 0 credit so the card is free_” but rather, to have invested credits on a DCE rather than another.

Wissam Ben Yedder Potm Ligue 1

We will go back to the heart: Ben Yedder is an excellent player on was and each special version is meta. The reasons are simple, its physique in play is very pleasant to play, its 4-5 in stars and ideal for a bu, its external footage feet is particularly effective and its stats often complement very well with the hunter style. So at stake, the AS Monaco attacker is a high-level treat while remaining easy access to less experienced players. Note that it is also playable in moc according to the formations. If the boost improves that very little its big recruits card makes it possible to prolong a little bit the interest of the map before the arrival of the total period.

Should we do this DCE : Yes. Unless you have cards at more than one million attack, Ben Yedder Potm is a top drunk on FIFA 22. In addition, link level, it will always be possible to integrate this card with the league or / and the nation. On the other hand, it is not necessary to do it if you already have its big recruits version, the difference is clearly too limited in play.

Our solution : Ben Yedder Potm

Neymar JR Flashback

Ah Neymar! This DCE returned the community was even before his arrival. For us, Neymar is one of FIFA’s best players 22. Its gold card has a pretty unique positioning, in addition to personalized animations, 5-5 in stars and a single physique. For the shot, the Flashback version adds speed, shot and agility to this gold version against a loss of states at the pass and a weak star star. Morality, with the Vista style, the level at the pass is similar to the gold version, its speed is really better just like its shot. Indeed, we have fun much more distanced with the flashback that the gold version. On the other hand, in the box, the shots on the weak foot are clearly less good and the loss of states of calm are sometimes felt at the worst moment.

Should we do this DCE : yes if you have what to use it at 10 of collective, mainly in bu but also in ag. If you do not like the gold version, there is little chance that you like the flashback. On the other hand, if you like the gold version, the flashback is probably better in 80% of the situations. With regard to the TOTW, we prefer the versatility of the IF version compared to the flashback, but the difference in price would justify promoting the DCE for the majority of players.

Our solution : Neymar JR Flashback

Raphaël Varane Flashback

One of the most anticipated DCEs of the season, the Flashback version of Raphaël Varane is a usable DC until the arrival of the Tots. Then we could have stopped there but let us elaborate a little around the French defender. The latter has excellent stats outside its agility and balance. However, his physique in play totally compensates for this lack of stats and makes him also faster. Great, fast, agile, always present on the ball, varane is just amazing, whether you are a player who moves his DC or one who prefers to play his MDCs in defense. In addition, the link aspect is almost perfect since it is French, of Premier League, in Man United…

Should we do this DCE : Yes despite its very high cost. Unless you have two non-exchangeable exceptional DC (see our list of FIFA 22 defenders) or not to have enough to complete it, Varane FB is a DCE not to be missed.

Our solution : Raphaël Varane Flashback

Luiz Felipe Moments

A rather unexpected challenge, Felipe is the kind of DCE that fans see throughout the year without attracting the attention of the majority of players. It must be said that the Serie A has a lot of good DC and even in terms of links, Ibanez FS had just been published. As for the card itself, we would have preferred a better balance of stats, especially in speed. However, the latter does the job being a good combination of speed, agility and physics. The difference between him, the Featured Theate and Ibanez FS is relatively limited (mainly the 4-star Felipe’s 4-star) which limits the interest of the DCE in view of the price of alternatives within the Italian championship.

Should we do this DCE : Not really. For the shot, if you have a 100% serie A training or if you have a group consisting of Brazilian players, the map is interesting but no more. She will be met a few weeks before being outdated. Prefer him an equivalent salable card like Ibanez FS or the Featured The time to save for a more meta solution.

Our solution : Moments Luiz Felipe

Angel Correa Potm La Liga

If the DCE player of the month are usually low cards, there are sometimes some exceptions. Here, Angel Correa Potm is the example of an almost perfect DCE: a Meta card at a relatively low position in a league for a very correct price. Indeed, the Liga has very few options in BU and Correa represents the prototype of the scorer on FIFA 22 with a good combo of speed, finishing, agility and physics. Its 4-4 is classic but effective, as in the end all of its stats. In addition, his physique in play makes it much more agile than it seems, a real plus for all types of players. It will nevertheless note the lack of line, especially outside the foot, which could have made it an ultra meta card. Overall, the only reason not to do correa is not to be able to use it in your team or to have a non-exchangeable versus version.

Should we do this DCE : Yes in the majority of situations with the exception of having a big budget training. Given the price, it is also a nice option to have a team the non-feeing Liga for the various challenges of Fûr (exchange icons for example).

Our solution : Angel Correa Potm

Zinedine Zidane base icon

The cards icons like Zidane have an aura of nostalgia around them, which makes them always more desirable than other equivalent special cards. Thus, Evaluating Zidane will always have the problem of being confronted with the judgment of the fans who think only at the player on the ground. Objectively, Zidane base icon is a card more than correct in MC Box-to-box or moc for February but whose price is far too high for the deposit. Zizou spring a little heavy and little agile without motor, but a little slow without shadow. If it is able to make excellent passes and succeed with very beautiful shots remotely (especially with engine), its lack of agility will be felt so much defensively and offensively. If in December we would have easily recommended this card, it now seems exceeded in mid-February.

Should we do this DCE : No, between the price of the foders and the side exceeded of the map, the DCE Zidane base icon is clearly a challenge to avoid, even for fans.

Our solution : Zinedine Zidane base icon

Notice to come

Didier Drogba Prime icon

Samuel Eto’o Mid icon

Harry Kane Flashback

Lautaro Martinez Toty MH

EA added *FREE ROAM* in FIFA 22... WHAT?!

For our opinion on the special maps of Players from DCE on the mode was FIFA 22. Do not hesitate to consult our various guides as well as our solutions to the DCE on our FIFA portal.

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