“Yin-Yin Yin Authentic Fantasy RPG” is the 5th anniversary! New style God, collaboration, special project to commemorate the fifth anniversary appeared!

NetEase Games has announced the held campaign to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the fifth anniversary in the original app game “Yin-Yin Yin Yin Law, Fantastic RPG”, which will be fifth anniversary on February 23, 20222.

NetEase Games will hold a pre-registration campaign that commemorates the delivered fifth anniversary in the original app game “Yin-Yin Yin Yin Yin Life RPG”, which is fifth anniversary on February 23, 20222. Joining a new version of pre-registration, Suzuhiko Princess flame and cooperates to save the frozen snowy mountain, and you can get luxurious rewards such as mysterious spirits.

# 5th anniversary update pre-registration is being accepted!

Yin-Yin Life Five Anniversary Registration Campaign Held! SSR Suzuhiko Kyuhime (CV Komatsu Impressive), let’s save Snow Snow Mountain family from snow.

Achievement rewards such as mysterious spirits, limited icon frames and control dharma are distributed according to the number of registrants.

Event Details: https://www.onmyojigame.jp/5th/

# New SSR Jin “Suzuhiko Hime” appeared!


In front of God, the saint danced a rougher bell dance. Yadashi snowstorm, the warmth is transmitted again to the world.

“If the mind is ash, you will surely tie me… disappears”

The new SSR Jin Him “Suzuhiko” of the Ayin Yin Life is officially appeared after completion of maintenance on February 23. During the period of 2/19 (Saturday to 2/22 (Tuesday)), a gathering event will be held. Multiple Story, which is a monster’s enclosure, which can not miss either.

# New SP Mami God “Yumei Shimoyama” appeared!

The moment when the fireworks blooms, ninja and her companion run through the darkness of light and shadow.

New SP Miku Yumei Akira appeared as “Ninja Legend” in Heian Kyoto!

February 23 After completion of maintenance, you can earn free of charge after completion of the mission at the “Rabbit Shinobu Method” event!

Please see the CG videos of this dream of this dream.

# The 5th anniversary of the “Yin-Yin Yin Life Fantasy PRG” will be held!

# # “Yin Yin Yin Life Fantasy RPG” X Asakusa Collaboration Stamp Rally is held soon

Let’s go up again from now on for the fifth anniversary of delivery! “Yin-Yin Yin Authorized Fantasy RPGX Asakusa Collaboration Stamp Rally” will be held at Asakusa Temple!

During the collaboration period, we will also sell limited goods, so please check the details of “Yin-Yin Yin Yin Life Fantasy RPG”.

# “Clear ice statue is adopted!” Special project is decided!

From February 19 to 20 February 20, the Yin-Yin Yin Young Management Team will carry out special projects at the Sappora Skewe in Sapporo City, Hokkaido. During the planning period, a powerful ice statue will be displayed which reproduces a fine appearance!

If you are interested, please visit by all means!

Holding place: Hokkaido Sapporo City Chuo Ward Basekee 410
Holding period: February 19-February 20 23:59

※ For details, please check from the official account (https://twitter.com/onmyojigamejp) of “Yin-Yin Yin Life Fantasy RPG”.

# What is the Yin-Yin Life Fantasy RPG

Netease Games Original app game. RPG that unfamilizes a turnover battle of incandescent in a fantastic and beautiful Japanese style world. You can collect and train a wide variety of equity gods, and you can enjoy communication with friends with LBS systems. More than 100 types of expression gods that can be collected. Let’s start a mysterious and fantastic journey with a gorgeous 3D app game “Yin-Yin Yin Life Fantasy RPG”!

Official website: https://www.onmyojigame.jp/ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/onmyojigamejp Official Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ucn_y6o57wdgqcbk5fzyve0g

5th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

# About NetEase Games

NetEase Games is the online game division established by Netease, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES / HKEX: 9999). In overseas markets including mainland China and Japan, we are developing and operating a popular smartphone and PC game. As one of the largest game manufacturers with high quality online game content, Netease Games supports the growth of studios around the world, and has enhanced its own name and presence in its process. And, in order to improve our development skills and research ability through the world, it has a popular global online game, partnering with a global famous game maker like blizzard entertainment and Mojong AB (Microsoft subsidiary) It is also involved in the operation of Follow social media: Facebook: https: //facebook.com/neteaseOfficial Twitter: https: //twitter.com/neteasgames_jp Official site: https://www.neteasgames.com/

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