The Gunk will come out in Steam and other PC stores this spring

The Gunk will be available at Steam «and other platforms of PC » At some point during this spring, as you have confirmed the editor Thundeful Games . It should be remembered here that the game could already be played on computers since its launch on December 16, although it could only be purchased from the Microsoft Store. It was also available at Game Pass since its day of departure, in the same way as in Xbox Series X and S and Xbox One , exclusively for the Microsoft ecosystem.

It has not been specified in what other platforms can be played when the time comes beyond that of Valve, but everything points out that we could end up looking at each other as the Epic Games Store or Gog.

The Gunk Review

We also know that this relaunch, which will take place between March and June of this year, will include a new update of the game that will also be extended to the Xbox console version. It is its photograph mode, a “very requested characteristic” by the users that have not revealed details, beyond that “will allow the community to share images of the online game”. In addition to photo mode, it will also bring support for new languages ​​in Xbox, such as the Portuguese of Brazil, Japanese, Simplified and Russian Chinese.

I would say that The Gunk especially favors this photography mode, because its visual section between realistic and Cartoon turns out as one of its strongest points thanks to a colorful planet that we will have to explore and clean with Rani, its protagonist.

The Gunk is available at Xbox Series X and S , Xbox One and PC through the Microsoft Store. From spring we can also see it in Steam and other digital tents for computers.

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