“Cacao Bank, Corporate Loan · I will enter overseas

Cacao Bank expands the goddess of credit lending centralized credit to the company and personal operators’ loans and to enter overseas.

At the press conference held through the Youtube Channel on the 15th, Yoon Ho Young Cacao Bank representative has announced this year’s goal.

Yoon Ho Young, said, “I will focus on the capacity of Cacao Bank in the field of personal operators, which are relatively innovated in the mobile financial sector, compared to the workplace, said.

He added, “I am promoting a separate organization for a personal operator’s product,” he said, “We will show offices related to personal operators in the second half of this year.”

In particular, Cacao Bank is a plan to focus on 100% non-financial services and medium-cost loan market expansion of personal operators through a Various Operator’s Credit Ratin Business Credit Rating.

From this year, Cacao Bank is preparing for overseas advance.

Yoon said, “It is difficult for each country’s financial industrial environment,” It is difficult to tell which way to enter some way. I wanted to show technology competence, “he said.

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In addition, Cacao Bank said that the technology development capacity was increased and the organizational reorganization was held for product and service innovation.

Platform Financial Technology Group, which is responsible for developing technology groups ▲ Intelligence Connecting (IC) technology groups, which are responsible for research and development, Several of technology groups and each group was appointed as an executive officer.

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