Dying Light 2: New updates for download, today the first is the first free

Players of Dying Light 2 has been getting access to new updates since the weekend. As Techland is known about Twitter, PC patch 1.0.6 includes all the lack of improvements that the developers promised with previous updates. In the patch notes, among other things, additional video settings include Motion Blur and Bugfixes listed for the Deathloops in Koop mode . In the death screen, however, a new button has been added, which allows players to spawn within a mission. There are also bugfixes for individual crash causes of Dying Light 2 on PC.

Updates also for PlayStation and Xbox

Next to the PC patch are new updates for the PlayStation and Xbox version N live. The patch notes had already published Techland before – and thus details about the upcoming changes and innovations. Among other things, troubleshooting for possible connection breaks in Koop lots and individual crash causes are on the program. Also on the consoles, there are additional video settings after the new update, including Motion Blur. Balancing optimizations , performance improvements and KI adjustments complete the update. Especially on PS5 it should no longer come to a screen flicker after the patch.

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First free DLC from today

Players of Dying Light 2 (Buy Now 59.99 €) today get the first DLC. On Twitter, the developers report that the first part of the Authority Pack is available for download today – the package includes three parts. Part 1 consists of an outfit including top, jogger and sneaker, while part 2 includes a headgear, arm protection and gloves. Part 3 comes with a heavy hammer melee weapon for the Peacekeeper Group. At what time Techland turns the other DLC parts, so far is not known. Finally, the developers announced that want to support Dying Light 2 for at least five years.

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