Dofus retro temporis: Halvari Sendor disabled until maintenance

While it allowed you to recover ioptons and tempots through your business in the valiant lobby, the NPC Halvari Sendor was disabled until the next maintenance of Tempor Retro Dofus. An evil for good: This decision has been taken to limit a fault in obtaining ioptones.

DOFUS TEMPORIS RETRO - Infos et debrief

If you have never been dealing with him (or anyway if you do not remember), it allowed you to get igots when you come to talk to him with a trade at level 100. Except that, do not miss Generosity, the NPC You offer ioptons for your first 6 level level 100… but also every time you forget a job and you go up again at this level. It was therefore possible to get a large amount of loop optons simply by up your trades.

Far from the GD’s willingness of the game, this Halvari Sendor has therefore been disabled until the next maintenance. Namely Wednesday, February 16, 2022 . A decision that also involves the success of the first quest you get when we arrived in the Hall of Valley . Do not panic however, the discussion with this NPC is self-validated when you enter the map.

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