Based on a new engine, Modern Warfare

Activision announced a new title of Call of Duty released this year this year. It plans to show off the market in 2019 and the re-established Wowfare sequel from the beginning.

This content was released on the 11th (local standard) Call of Duty official homepage. The production team plans to introduce Wenzhou Season 2 on the 14th, and announced the main improvements and future fertilization applied to Season 2 before. In addition, I also heard the news about Call of Duty, which was released this year.

According to the announcement, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare sequel and new wines are all leading Infiniti Word develops. Infiniti Word is also the development of the development of Woozhou initial development. In addition, both titles are based on a new engine, and aims to offer a re-established play experience from the beginning.

Especially for winning the new work, the production team said, “I am expecting a fully new play space and a new sandbox mode to achieve a huge evolution of Battle Royal.”

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare New Engine Tech!

The Call of Duty’s Timea was mentioned in the last 4-day Activision Bleedsad in 2021, and 4Q earnings announcements. At that time, the Activision said Infiniti Word is making calls of Duty’s Call of Duty.

However, in order for the two of the above titles mentioned, the winners currently being serviced to currently need to maintain more than a certain firepower. The reason why the production team is preparing the Woozhou Season 2, including multiple enhancements, is also due to the origin. According to the announcement, Wozzhou Season 2 includes more than 30 enhancements, and some skins are transparent at a certain distance, and the character is invisible to the character, console performance issues, vehicle handling, and the like.

However, if console users continue to request console version (FOV) adjustment, the introduction of this is incorporated by introducing it to the addition of the console console performance, which is not planned to add to the present.

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