Shooter hit now for free: Players let frustration out on steam

Since January 12, all players and players can enjoy the Shooter-hit Pubg: Battlegrounds for free. However, this does not taste the die-hard fan. These complain noisy on Steam through the new free-to-play model of the Battle Royale Games. What exactly is there?

PUBG NOW F2P – Hell is going on on Steam

PUBG is Free now and kind of ridiculous fun...
The Battle Royale Hit PubG: Battlegrounds is a fixed size on Steam and persistently adorns the top places of the most played games of the platform. Despite the great popularity, the shooter’s evaluation has been provided with mixed reviews for some time.

But since January 12, the increase in recipients – and above all the negative – has adopted completely new dimensions. The reason for this is the recent change of the once paid game to a free-to-play model . This seems to increase the players and players especially evil (Source: Steam).

What disturbs the players at the shooter?

If you take a look at the over 4,000 negative reviews , which were rewritten on January 12, it becomes clear that the change of the payment model is only an occasion to express criticism of existing problems. The largest of this is a cheater and hacker problem .

The missing will of developers to resolve this, but when changing the cost model, however, become active, annoys the players. They also fear that the shooter’s matches could now attract even more cheaters , after all, the lack of purchase price the hurdles still put even deeper.

Others complain that they had to spend the full purchase price once the full purchase price for the Battle-Royale Game, while it is now free of charge and demand their money back. After all, many indicate that pubg be a really good game that would not be able to enjoy only due to the continuing cheater problems.

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