Pokemon announces more replicas of Poke Ball, Heal Ball available for Pre

The Pokemon Company continues its collaboration with The Wand Company to produce more high quality Poke Balls replicas. Today early, The Pokémon Company announced plans to launch four Poke Balls replicas more in 2022, all of which will be available first on the Pokemon Center online retailer for a month before being released to other retailers. The first Poke Ball that will be launched this year will be Heal Ball, followed by Friend Ball, Quick Ball and Cherish Ball. The anticipated orders of Heal Ball are already available.

Pokémon Poké Ball Replica by The Wand Company | Showcase
Each Poke Ball is made of die-cast metal and comes in an illuminated showcase, as well as an display ring to place the ball out of the showcase. The Poke Balls replicas contain touch and proximity detection technology that makes the front button illuminate in response to the close movement. When someone presses the front button, the Poke Ball begins to illuminate as if I had trapped a Poke Ball. The multicolored light screen of each box can be controlled through a touch-sensitive metal plate on the front of the box and comes with a numbered hologram.

The Wand Company launched for the first time its Poke Balls line last year as part of the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise. In the first year, the company launched a total of five replicas by Poke Balls: Premier Ball, Dusk Ball, Ultra Ball, Great Ball and the original Poké Ball, all of which tended to run away quickly. The Pokémon Company will replenish supplies in the original wave of Poke Balls at the end of this year.

Unfortunately, it does not seem like The Wand Company is throwing replicas of the new style of Poke Balls introduced into the new release. Pokémon Legends: Arceus. These Poke Balls represent the prototype of Poke Balls, made of apricots and a special type of rock. As it is revealed in the game, the Poke Ball triggers the innate ability of a Pokémon to reduce to a tiny size. This ability not only explains why Pokémon can “flee” without being followed immediately, but also provides players key information on how Poke Balls really work.

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