DOFUS Retro Temporis: Obtaining items, Drop Monster Equipment

Temporis imports the principle of massive drop on retro dofus! All monsters looks the items of their level slice, or related panoplies! Find out how drop your stuffs grown to the Calculator Gamotemcoretro 3000.

GUIDE ULTIME du DROP sur DOFUS RETRO TEMPORIS - Comment savoir où Droper vos Équipements

_ 30/01 Initial publication _

DOFUS Retro – All drops from items on temporis, obtaining equipment

To calculate the allocation of equipment for the monster drop, our team followed the Devblog information of this tempor. Thus, for each object of retro dofus, it can either belong to a panoply already associated with monster (Meulou, abraknyde ancestral, gouftou) or not. In the first case, the families of this monster will give you the items. In the second case, the object will be distributed on all the monsters of the level of the level **. Thus, for a level 15 item will be available on all monsters 10 to 20. You can also obviously find here the so-called “natural” drops (the pius, even off temporis, loot their panoply).

All items are accessible from a simple query via the “ Search: ” area. Note that our algorithm is not error-free. Do not hesitate to report any error for the latter to be perfected.

Level Name Monsters
Level Name Monsters

_30 / 01: Some level monsters well above 1 can sometimes appear in the drops of level objects 1. This bug is being corrected.

More information about Retro Temporis

Whatever your needs on Retro temporis , you will find all the necessary information beyond the drop in our articles on the subject. Our guides accompany you in all your Dofus adventures!

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