Open Open Platform Neopin, a project Neo-Flim, a block chain,

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How to Login Blockchain Wallet on iPhone

\ – Open Platform, which is a block chain extending from P2E, S2E, and NFT service in Financial Services

NPT compensation for listing, such as staking and swap, such as virtual asset financial services

\ – Neo Pai is a block chain that has accumulated for five years

Neowiz Holdings’s block chain is a professional subsidiary of Neo Platform ‘Neopin’ on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and today (3 days) today (3 days) today.

The key vision of Neogin is ‘connection’ and ‘extension’. Virtual asset Wallet, game, service, and NFT, such as a block chain, such as a block chain, such as a variety of services, “the open platform” is directed. Starting for virtual asset financial services, it is aimed at launching a Clayton network based on Clayton Network based on my GAMEFI in the first quarter and aims to open my ‘s2e’ and ‘NFT service’ in the second quarter.

In the third, 3,4Q, we plan to expand with a variety of content companies and expand to a win-win platform, and we plan to handle global companies.

Wallet function will start staking, swap, interest and farming, and complaints. Encrypts are daily supporting this, Clayton, Tron, etc. In particular, the service is initially paid ‘NPT’ in addition to the compensation rate when using staking. Virtual asset financial services that are opened sequentially are also policy to provide NPT as compensation.

It is also characterized by high reliability. We have introduced a customer confirmation system in accordance with Travelules, which are in advance of March, and have applied enhanced security features such as financial laundry. This is expected to be able to move funds smoothly as a neopine wallet in the exchange.

In addition, Neopli has been steadily operating the Services of Network, such as ‘Enblocks’, Ions Network Project ‘EOSEOUL’, and earned information protection management system certification from Korea Internet Promotion Agency. Emphasized UI · UX to optimize UI · UX so that starter users who first access virtual assets wallet services are easier to use.

“The Wallet Service ‘Enblocks’, and the Ions Network Project ‘EOSEOUL’, has been concentrating on Neopin,” he said, “he said,” As a project, I will succeed with a ‘block-chain open platform’ leading global market. “

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