Nintendo Switch Version “Deaths Gambit: Afterlife” is released on May 19th. Hardcore Metroid Vania Act to explore the world promised

Publisher’s BEEP COMPANY is on February 3, hardcore Metroid Vania 2D action game “ Death’s Gambit: AfterLife (Death Gambit: After Life) ” to release the Package version of Nintendo Switch on May 19 I announced. The price is 3980 yen (tax included). Overseas Publisher’s SERENITY Forge also has domestic delivery of downloaded versions. The game corresponds to the Japanese language display.

“Death’s Gambit: Afterlife” is a Hardcao Metroid Vania 2D action game that American Indie Studios White Rabbit worked on. The stage is the world shiradon promised to be immortalized. The player tries to explore the harsh world surrounded by the mystery and contract with the grim reaper and challenge the immortal guardian who governs the area. Then, reveal the truth that is the immortal cost, strike the end of the permanent battle, and purify the soul.

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In this work, select and play from seven character classes. There are classes such as solders, assassins, wizards, and each of the initial weapons and status balance is different, and the conditions for which the soul energy gauge required for use of the ability is accumulated. On the other hand, there is also an element that can be adjusted to the favorite combat style in multi-class.

A number of types of weapons have many types such as bow, sickness, long sword and Halbird. In addition, more than 100 skills are available in Skill Tree, and the boss is defeated and unlocked at the obtained point. While promoting the game, you will be able to customize your character to your own preferences using abundant abilities and upgrades.

More than 20 stages are recorded and a vast world will be searched. In the way, there is also a scene where they can meet the variety of vocational characters and clear their secrets. And the overwhelming boss that exists in total, and the creatures of mythology are challenged. Each boss stage requires a unique strategy for defeating them, and the player’s skills are tried.

In fact, there is a “Death’s Gambit” that is an original version in this work, and it is released in 2018 etc. This work is located at its latest expansion version. This upgrade adds 10 types of stages and more than 30 weapons, 5 bosses, and other abundant content. In addition, the game system is renovated, and the player’s choice is likely to affect the ending of the magnificent story.

The Nintendo Switch version of “Death’s Gambit: Afterlife” is scheduled to be released on May 19th. Package version includes game manual artbooks and soundtracks CDs. In addition, the AMAZON limited set also comes with a T-shirt of this work. Since the reservation acceptance is started from today, please check each shop for details.

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