NFT Project Investment in Kraft Tone, Domestic Company

Craftone announced that it has invested 3 billion won and W5bn in Seoul, respectively, and has signed a work agreement for NFT projects, respectively.

Seoul Oil Blue is a specialized company that operates artwork co-purchase platform SOTWO (Sofut) to expand its online-based art market as a relational company of the largest art auction company in Korea. The XBibaru is a subsidiary of Seoul Oil Blue (XX X X Blue), which provides a limited edition of the artworks in the art. XXBLUE is a service that holds a variety of digital contents, including a high-awareness of a variety of digital content,

The first collaboration proceeds through the independent studio blue Hallstone in the Krafton. Blue Hallstore has been achieving a business agreement for Seoul Oil Blue, XBibaru and January 27 NFT projects, and collaboration on NFT avatar production and sales that can be applied to future metaverse worlds. Blue Hallstore uses a stable MMORPG server operating technology and next-generation graphics technology for many years and develops to develop avatars and personal spaces. Seoul Oil Blue and XBibaru are responsible for NFT product planning and promotion, and IP management.

Seoul Protection Blue Lee Jung Bong, said, “The various content, artist IPs of XXBLUE will be able to contribute to NFT and metabus ecosystem expansion and popularization,” “XXBLUE has sustainable art IP, and to grow and expand I will continue to challenge with competent partners to make it. “

“Crahlton Kim Chang-ton said,” Krahtone has determined that the combination of technology and new businesses that secured through intensive studies on new businesses such as NFT and metabuses, “Blue Hallstore, Seoul Oil Blue, and XBibu’s collaboration, as well as the collaboration of XBibaru, as well as a specific content on business expansion with various global partners,” said it would continue to disclose. “

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