Naughty Dog is working on multiple projects currently

Since Naughty Dog delivered _ The Last of Us Part II _ EN 2020, not much has been made known about the future of the study. Although we know that the multiplayer section of this sequel is under development, there is no more information about it. However, thanks to a series of job offers, Neil Druckmann, the co-director of Naughty Dog, aims at several developing projects.

Through your official Twitter account, the study behind Uncharted shared 67 job offers, where we find positions such as animators, artists, level designers, audio, communication, interface design, and much more. Next to this, Druckmann shared a message with three emojis of silence, which points out that the study could well be working on three projects at this time.

What projects are it about? Well, at the moment there is no official information that you can clarify this doubt. However, one of these could be the multiplayer of _The Last of US Part II _ . Similarly, rumors have pointed out that unchart 5 would be on the way, and do not forget the alleged Remake of the first The last of us.

On related topics, this was what Naughty Dog commented on unchart 5. Similarly, the study spoke about the multiplayer of The Last of US Part II.

Editor’s note:

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Although the idea of ​​seeing three new games of Naughty Dog is exciting, you do not have to forget the problems of Crunch that were carried out during the development of The Last of US Part II. Although nothing assures that this is going to be repeated, working on three projects at the same time could be complicated for the study. At least searching for almost 70 new employees could indicate that you are trying to remedy this.

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