Elden Ring: Gold Status reached and Day-One

Whoever feared so far that the release of the action role-playing game could move ELDER RING (from 50.99 € at pre-order) again, must be facilitated: as evidenced by a confirmation of the developer studio from Software, the game has before Briefly reached the gold status.

Accordingly, all work is completed on the release version of Elder Ring. The punctual release on the 25th of February 2022 on the PC and consoles should therefore not really stand in the way. Nevertheless, the developers do not put their hands idle in the lap – completely on the contrary. The responsible producer Bashir Vital has revealed in a presentation at Taipei Game Show 2022 that there will be a day-one update for the action role-play. This is supposed to include some optimizations that failed to do it into the Gold Master version.

There is no detailed patch notes or more information so far. However, it can be assumed that from Software will use the update to make the last fine-cut to Elder Ring so that players will receive the most optimal experience directly as possible on the release day – probably including one or the other bug fixes.


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