Monster Hunter Rise: How to make a great Izuchi

Monster Hunter Rise allows its players to produce a wide selection of different weapons, armor parts / sets and tools that will all be useful in their many hunts and include all deadly encounters with many of the world’s wildest and most dangerous monsters. Apart from that, the Great Such Tail is one of the most useful players to collect players, as the material can be used to make many extremely useful armor parts and weapons. Now we will tell you how to get a Great Such Tail Monster Hunter Rise .


How to get a great Such tail in Monster Hunter Rise

As the name implies, you can get a big Such tail by either killing, catching or cutting either the tail of a downgraded great Such. You can also get the plus variant of the item by either defeating, capturing or cutting the tail of a high-level version of a high-level version of the monster.

If this is cleared out, you have a chance of 5% to get the item as a reward, a chance of 15%, to get it after a successful capture, and an opportunity of 80% to get him after you The gigantic monster cut off the tail, a performance you can reach it by attacking it with a physical sharp weapon such as insect greets, spears or different types of swords. You can wear up to 99 units of the item in your inventory and each unit can be sold for 420 Kenny. You can find a large Such both in the shrine ruins and on the frost islands, the monster is also the main goal of the mains quest jumped into the frost islands.

Monster Hunter Rise is currently available for the Nintendo Switch and on the PC. The PC version of the title can be brought to Steam and Nguyen. You can read our thoughts in the newly published PC version here.

  • This article was updated on 24 January 2022

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