DOFUS Retro: Tier List of harvest trades, what a job for the monocount?

Doffs Retro monocoque, it’s harder to get Kama’s! The trades are thus an excellent source of revenue despite competition strongly impacting your crops and opportunities for craft. Via a tier list, so we ordered them and ordered to determine the best for you. Remember however that it is possible to learn that 3 per character on 1.29! (15 with 5 characters)

Last updated: January 2022


Tier harvest list of trades for Doffs Retro Monocoque

To understand this classification trades, it is important to understand several factors:

  • The progress: Put 2 years to build a business will not allow you to Kama’s. A good job is a job that mounts quickly and without having to run around the world.
  • Competition: All businesses are affected, but some more than others. A Peasant will have less trouble finding cereal in a vast field that the woodcutter Elm or Sacred Bamboo.

  • Profitability: Skip 5h scrounge for 500 Kama’s be avoided
  • Utility: This factor goes hand in hand with the previous 1. If your resources are not helpful, you will not be able to sell or exchange.

Tier 1 Harvesting trades on Retro Monocoque

Farmer and Alchemist are the two winners of this ranking. They are simple to install, with moderate competition and cost through multiple of recipes and resources. Peasant however requires Baker to transform its cereal bread, we therefore recommend a secondary character full pod specially dedicated to business (Play monocoque does not mean one character!). Alchemist is unlike autonomous and can be placed easily in your slots (in cooperation with Farmer particular). But like everything else on Retro, to earn Kama’s, it will farmer! If you want a good way to find your spots, Doffs. Tools always has its 1.29 version of the map!

Tier 2 crop trades on Retro Monocoque

Here we find two diametrically opposed to previous trades Minor and lumberjack. Competition is tough it with progress difficult, but the reward is worth the investment! Ores (all levels) and wood (HL) are very profitable with good utilities. The two combine very well for careers Forgers and Sculptors, regardless of the type of weapon. Minor remains a more favorable choice , with less dispersed through mining resources. Lumberjack indeed becomes quickly frustrating about the lack of spots and very tough competition.

Tier 3 harvest trades on Retro Monocoque

Finally, there are the two worst (but not necessarily impossible ) businesses: Hunter and Fisherman. This choice may be surprising, but against the other, they are a little pale face. One requires extreme farm monsters on a version where the fights are longer, and monocoque. It is therefore interesting on servers Retro My Client, but not here! The other asks a patient absolute coupled with random, hardcore progression and weak profitability outside the farm of ultra specific Kralamoures Unique and Brevetted Horror . It is rather fascinating to take once your character itself high level, but before, prefer a trade less complex and costly.

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