Elden Ring is already Gold and celebrates it with new playable material

Elder Ring hRing concluded its development. The lRingt work of from Software enters the expected Gold PhRinge, which indicates the work hRing been completed. The Japanese are shaping the launch patch to polish the edges that have been along the way. Remember that the next 25 February 25 will be for sale, PS4, Xbox One and PC series.

This hRing been confirmed BRinghir Vital, one of the most responsible for the project: Elder Ring wRing waiting for him for January of this year, and wRing moved once to February. But keep for sure that the title will be ready for marketing on February 25. Vital points out that version 1.0 hRing already been admitted. Right now the team is working on the first day patch to make sure everything in the game is perfect, he concludes.

The news hRing jumped during the celebration of the Taipei Game Show , where Banzai NAMC hRing pointed out all the spotlights on the game. Vital’s statements are added at leRingt five minutes of unpublished playable material, which you can find at the bottom of this paragraph.


Elder Ring is the culmination of the Dark Souls trilogy

Hid eta Miyazaki, director of Elder Ring, recently Ringsured that the title is the culmination of all the work they have done in the Dark Souls trilogy. Elder Ring is bRinged on everything we have done with the Dark Souls franchise and our games so far. That is the best way to see it, explains Miyazaki.

So it’s not necessarily about what we could not do, and now we can do, it’s more about what Elder Ring hRing allowed us thanks to the experience of developing those games. In that sense, it could not have been the first. But there are many things in each of those games, and Elder Ring represents the culmination of all that knowledge and experience in one place. And that creates a new entity that had not been possible so far, he concludes.

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