The best fantasy films of all time – according to fantasy movies

Who thinks about fantasy movies, usually has a specific picture in the head directly. Be big dragons, graceful elves, action-packed swords or mysterious villains that lurk in the dark. The fantasy genre has so much more to offer. Often, not only the great and extraordinary settings are in the foreground, but the stories of little heroes.

But who should still keep track of all the abundance of fantasy films. Sure, most of us know the very large productions that have recorded billions on the dioceses. But are that mandatory the best movies of the genre? We asked some people who should know: ourselves, the fantasy movies editors. ^^ ​​What are our favorite movies in the fantasy genre? The result is a top15, in which everything is represented by the blockbuster up to the cartoon – from old to new.

Our best fantasy movies of all time

Place 15: Willow

An absolute classic among the fantasy films. The cruel king Bavaria makes all the newborn girls kill all newborn girls with a certain time. But the little Elora escapes this fate and is taken up by Willow, who in turn would like to be a great wizard and start the adventures of the two.

Place 14: Time Bandit

In Time Bandits, the little Kevin travels with a group of dwarves through space and time. While his companions are especially looking for treasures, Kevin experiences a fantastic adventure and meets all sorts of historical figures.

Rank 13: Jumanji

Although Remakes are not bad with Dwayne Johnson, we refer to the original with Robin Williams. An outstanding movie that produced various remakes and imitations. For example, Ahura – an adventure in space or less high quality movies like The Final Level: Escape from Randall.

Rank 12: Highlander

There can only be one! And yet there were several highlander films. But this is meant above all the first part. The second was successful, but… We prefer to shape the cloak of silence about it. Even the Highlander TV series was much better.

Rank 11: Sleepy Hollow

Johnny Depp on the hunt for the murderer who drives his misconception in the small Sleepy Hollow. His opponent: Christopher Walker as a headless rider, which in search of a separate skull seemingly indiscriminately beheaded the inhabitant. Johnny Depp and Director Tim Burton are simply a strong team, even in this movie.

Rank 10: Big Trouble in Little China

At first glance maybe no classic fantasy movie, but definitely worth seeing. Kurt Russel as Jack Burton, who laid out with the powers of the black magic. On the cinema clubs Only a flop was developed by the film by John Carpenter only years later only to the insider tip and ultimately into a classic of the low-fantasy genres.

Rank 9: Legend

Although Tom Cruise would probably no longer associate the fantasy genre, he delivers a convincing idea in legend. As a young forest runner Jack, he tries to protect the world from the Lord of the Darkness, who wants to kill all unicorns to let the darkness and cold.

Rank 8: The Hobbit

The story of Bilbo Berlin, who left the Auckland to return the dwarf to her home. To make a whole trilogy from the rather short book ( an unexpected journey, slugs, the battle of the five armies ), Peter Jackson had to stretch very well and invent some new actions and figures. But that has succeeded him well and so the hobbit is now, despite often exaggerated and unnecessary CGI fireworks as very good fantasy trilogy.

Place 7: Harry Potter Film Series

The total of eight films ( stone of the wise, chamber of horror, the prisoners of Azkaban, the firelight, the Order of the Phoenix, the Halibut Pin, the sanctuaries of death part 1, the sanctuaries of death part 2 ) The seven of the same name were created, not only with us as one of the greatest film rows of all time. A entire generation has grown up together with Hermione, Ron and Harry and explored the secrets of the magic world and Hogwarts. No question that this movie series appears in our list.

Rank 6: Excalibur


The story about the legendary sword Excalibur was not just one of the most successful fantasy films of his time, but stylistically shaped many the following productions – to Lord of the Rings. In the film, the complete life story of King Arthur is told in three acts. From his LegiNation on ascension and case to his death.

Rank 5: The Infinite History

Based on the novel by Michael End, Wolfgang Petersen created a fantastic film around the young hero of Atreus, who has to save fantasies and the child’s empress. On the way he experiences fairy tale adventures and learns in addition to various fabulous things to know the lucky throat Fuchs. But what role does Bastian play, who actually reads the story in a novel? Well, you have to look the movie for that.

Rank 4: Pans Labyrinth

The pictorial adventure of the little Ophelia, which to escape the brutality of the war and his own father, flees into a mysterious fantasy world full of wondrous and mythical fabulous creatures. The gloomy and in places quite brutal film is commonly regarded as one of the best fantasy strips at all and one of several masterpieces who brought us director Guillermo del Too.

Place 3: Princess Monotone

One of the most memorable and most beautiful productions of the studio Ghiblis – and that wants something. The adventures of the young warrior Ashikaga and the Princess Monotone, who fought against the profitable Belushi, fighting and protecting the inhabitants and the forest in which they rather dominated by gods, to save and protect the forest. This empathetic story and the unmistakable character style ensure third place Princess Monotone the third place.

Place 2: Conan her Barbara

The beginning of the legendary an actionhelden career of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Conan as the son of a blacksmith in Hybrid, who muses to revenge against the murderers of his parents and his tribe. It does not need more in a movie that uses most of the time anyway without dialogues. Conan, after objective points of view, may not be a pearl of film art, but nevertheless belongs to the best fantasy films of all time and has landed with us straight to third place. The continuation Conan of the destroyer did not go so well with us.

Place 1: The Lord of Rings Trilogy

One may argue if Lord of the Rings: The Companies, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers or Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is the best strip of Trilogy. But does that play a role? The entire film series is in our eyes a cinematic masterpiece that perches over everything. So much so that the movie has emerged with each individual of us in the top list.

Fantasy beads of the editor

Nevertheless, there are still a lot of other, great fantasy strips next to our Top15 list. We present you a very special pearl per editor – with some even with a wink.

  • Tanja: Bellboy 2 – The Golden Army
    • Our Lore specialist is not only impressed by the film itself, but especially the representation of the elves that best belongs to you, what you can see in movies.
  • Matze: Shrek – the Toluene Hero
    • The simple Over fighting against evil and gets the princess in the end. Whether Matze wants us to say something – and who in the editors is then the donkey?
  • SEB: Avatar – Departure to Pandora
    • The journey to a foreign planet could certainly be attributable to the Sci-Fi genre. But a little fantasy is also there. And because Avatar gets a sequel this year, let’s go through it.
  • Phil: The last unicorn
    • The 1982 cartoon film still stirs to tears today – not only because of the moving title song. After all, he is not afraid of King Haggard and the Red Bull today.
  • SUSE: John this at the end
    • Two young college decorators who summon the inhabitants of a drug interior dimension through soy sauce? Sounds totally off and is it. A funny mix of fantasy and horror.
  • Karsten: The Wizard of Oz
    • The legendary fantasy fairy tale from the Feather of Lyman Frank Tree, who created a whole world with many follower novels. He not only helped the main actress Judy Garland to the world career, the film now belongs to the UNESCO World Document Series
  • ZAM: Masters of the Universe
    • With a wink, ZAM recommends that the Masters of the Universe – 80s-years-Trash from the very finest. Action Star Dolph Lindgren in the role of He-Man and Courtney Cox as Julie Winston. And unfortunately we have to admit, even if he does not fall under the best fantasy films, he is definitely worth seeing – for reasons.

How do you find our top15 list of the best fantasy movies? Which masterpieces were in your top list? Do you have any insider tips that you want to share with us?

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