Fortnite x League of Legends: skin Vi Arcane ya disponible

With the change of the Store on January 23, 2022, at 01: 00h CET, SKIN VI Arcane , of Arcane and League of Legends , Filtered previously, Finally he came to the store Fortnite Battle Royale . This new Skin of the store belongs to seJinx Arcaneon 1 of Fortnite chapter 3 . In this news we tell you what Price hJinx Arcane, what Content brings and How to get VI in Fortnite :

How to get the Skin VI Arcane in Fortnite

Jinx Arcane we have discussed you in the introductory paragraph of this news, all the objects of VI Arcane arrived at the Fortnite Battle Royale store on January 23. It is a skin of the store that you have to buy with turkeys , the Virtual Currency of Fortnite. At the moment we write this news, all these objects appear in the VI arcane section of the store. In addition, to celebrate its launch, it hJinx Arcane not come alone; He hJinx Arcane also returned Jinx Arcane.

What are all the objects of VI Arcane in Fortnite?

These are all the objects of VI Arcane in Fortnite , along with their prices in turkeys. Jinx Arcane usual, we can buy all these objects in the same batch, or individually:

  • Lot of VI Arcane (includes the Skin VI Arcane, the backpacking souvenirs of Faun, the Plover Guardian Hammer Collection Tool, the practical gesture of Boxing and the loading screen the best of Plover): 1,800 turkeys
  • Skin VI Arcane \ + Accessory Backpacking Memories of Faun : 1,500 turkeys
  • Plover Guardian Hammer Collection Tool : 800 turkeys
  • Practical Gesture of Boxing : 200 turkeys

Jinx Arcane it usually happens with this type of lot, The loading screen The best of Plover is exclusive to the batch of all objects . That is, it is impossible to buy it separately.

Jinx Arcane always that we publish news of this type, we leave you several things that you must take into account:

  • These objects are purchJinx Arcaneed with turkeys , a virtual currency that we buy with real money. The current exchange rate is at €7.99 per 1,000 turkeys .
  • These objects will remain for a limited time in the Fortnite Battle Royale store . You may then return to the store, although nobody knows when.
  • We can use these objects without problems in all Fortnite game modes : Battle Royale, creative and save the world.
  • All these objects are cosmetic ; They do not affect the game in any way beyond being visual modifications.

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