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Microsoft wants to buy Activision Blizzard in an unprecedented takeover for the price of nearly $70 billion US dollars. This could ensure that the competition also starts to bury similar deals, the experts of Financial Times believe. As the most likely candidate in the gaming area, make the Publisher Electronic Arts, which can be sighted by one of the Tech Giants.

Action against Activision Blizzard : Currently is a claim for discrimination against Call of Duty-Publisher Activision Blizzard for discrimination, sexual assaults and poor working conditions in progress. All information about the allegations of a few weeks ago can be found here, everything to the newer scandal around CEO Bobby Kick here. A comment by Gamer Editor-in-Chief Editor Rae Grimm regarding our reporting on the topic can be found here.

Activision Blizzard, Zynga and next EA?

According to the recently announced acquisitions of Activision / Blizzard by Microsoft and Zynga by Take-Two, it would be well conceivable that the consolidation of the gaming market is now right in ride. That would mean that more and more Publishers and Studios are gradually bought by a few large companies that make up the market with them.

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Microsoft wants to buy Activision Blizzard for US $70 billion

is bought next EA? The Financial Times believes that the planned deal of Microsoft and Activision Blizzard is now almost everything possible. Other great publishers are likely to be taken over soon from even larger companies. The question remains when, which and whom. As a possible candidate, the financial experts have made EA (via: Pushchair).

EA is a special case, because the success also depends on licenses such as FIFA and most games deliberately appear on all platforms as possible, but EA still have the greatest potential to be taken over the expert. In addition to the extremely successful sports games, Electronic Arts has well-known brands such as the Sims, Apex Legends, Battlefield, Plants VS Zombies, Dead Space, Need for Speed, Titanium and Dragon Age.

Speaking of Dragon Age: Part 4 is in development:

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EA is likely to be swallowed by a tech giant: However, the Financial Times assumes that EA could not be bought by Microsoft, but would be a candidate for the takeover by another tech giant. Companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google or Netflix would be in question to offer Microsoft’s forehead. Sony is also involved in strengthening its own exclusive portfolio, but can not be in question as a buyer of EA.

We know that the purchase of Activision Blizzard and the associated topics are heat-discussed topics. We ask you to always be respectful and constructively to discuss each other. Therefore, Now the question: For how likely you keep it that EA is next on it?

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