Dragon Ball Super sleeve clearly makes it clear why gas is a danger to Goku

After a month of waiting, the new chapter of the Manga de Dragon Ball Super has arrived, and is one that will surely have great repercussions on the current arc. Here we not only witnessed Granolah’s power, but gas, the murderer who is shaping to be the main antagonist, has shown the devastating force he possesses .

Chapter 80 of Dragon Ball Super began with the action that characterizes Toyotaro’s work. Although for a moment it seemed that the confrontation between Granolah and Gas was in favor of the Ceresian, the fearsome antagonist proved to have an ace under his sleeve. In a way of relating to this arc with the legacy of the Saiyajins, Gas ​​released a special power with which he defeated our protagonists.

Although at first this power, which resembles the Ozaru of the Saiyajins, could not be controlled by gas, Villain quickly managed to take the reins of this power. While we still do not know how this conflict will come to his End, it seems that Goku and Vegeta will have to go back into action if they plan to survive the most powerful warrior in the universe.

On related topics, jojo’s bizarre adventure will have a new anime. Similarly, the second season of jujutsu kaisen is still far from being a reality.

Editor’s note:

This story is quite interesting. Toyotaro is able to reveal new information about the past of Saiyajins in a way that is linked to the current problems of Goku and Vegeta, which is a delight. I hope this rhythm stays.

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