Gamigo wants to conquer Marcus Behrens

The Amigo company has not yet associated the best. Average publisher with medium service and very medium games that had several potential hits in their hands, but he could not use their potential.

Now it has to change.

Amigo employed two very important personae in recent weeks: Marcus Bearers — former Big point Director and Marc Berekovena — former Director of NCS oft Europe and former Senior Manager in Animal Online Studios.

These gentlemen will be at the head of the new Premier department, which will have the task of expanding the list of titles and entering new markets.

Amigo expands its product offer, acquiring new licenses and additional titles for international publications. As part of this strategy, the new department will introduce new games to the market and will provide publishing support for partner developers.

So soon we should get to know the next games — after Fractured Online (we wrote about it ) — which will join Amigo.

Currently, Amigo is responsible for the following titles:

  • Fractured
  • Trove
  • Aura Kingdom
  • Fiesta
  • Grand Fantasia
  • Rift
  • Last Chaos
  • Shield
  • Echo of Soul
  • And several VIA titles WWW

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