Kainz Kainz: Thats why his curious penmeter gate has not counted

After the end of this turbulent game including 1: 1 lifestyle of Anthony Modest deeply in the detriment of the extension and just the curious penalty shooting, Florian Keying had to admit that he had noticed immediately after his supposed balancing stator in penalties that something had not tuned at his Execution. The Austrian had clearly met 4: 4 here for the first moment, but his penalty found no recognition after a quick consultation of the referee’s session.

And completely justified, how a look in the DFB rules clarifies.

There in the football rules 2021/22 it means 14, category penalties:

The ball must be quiet on the penalty point. It did in Keying ‘case.

Afterwards, the players have set up control compliant, the referee gives the sign to execute the penalty. It also held Keying, which is why the Austrian was allowed to regularly compete.

Usually 10, determination of the game output, it will now be important. It says:

The penalty is completed when the ball is no longer moving, it is out of the game or the referee interrupts the game because of an offense. The penalized may not play the ball on a second time […] Empire the penalty protector to pass a pass after the referee has released the ball to the penalty, this penalty is rated as a spoke and the penalty protector is warned.

And that’s what Keying passes, the professional is slipped off shortly before his end, so he shot the ball at the end via the right shot on his left pace. From there, the ball is only in a high arch. And that thought the referee’s soup for referee Daniel Sch lager after a short time and faster review.


A double touch is also not permitted in a penalty in the game (rule 14): The ball is in the game when played with the foot and moved uniquely. The shooter may not play the ball again after it was touched by another player.

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