Clash Royale: This works Master Royale, the free server with more balanced games

Many players complain that Clash Royale is a payment -game, where many of the games can be impossible to win due to the difference in the levels of the cards of yours and those of the opponent. It is difficult to make mistake, since Clash Royale is based on an ultra-laborious routine, especially between free players. If you are tired of being caught in sand 8 level 13 players, there is an easy solution: Master Royale .

This private server is presented as a regular version of Clash Royale, but where it is possible to maximize all your cards with a finger snap. Thus, the duels suddenly become righteous, since your opponents do the same And it would be as close to a chess game in which the two rivals have a fair number of cards with the same level in their deck.

How to play the Master ROYALE server in iOS and Android?

  • Write in your search bar
  • Once entered this platform, look for Master Royale Infinity
  • Install Master Royale Infinite on your mobile phone


On the Master Royale server, you have a infinite number of gold and gems available . You can even go faster and immediately maximize all your letters by writing / Easy in the Clan chat. By definition, this server is completely free, so I’m attentive if someone offered you some exchange.

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