1. FC Cologne: Sheikl Club wants to read Anthony Modeste obviously

Since Steffen Rampart at the 1st FC Cologne has said that Anthony Modest is no longer recognizable. The Frenchman experiences his third spring on the Rhine, meets how on the assembly line and lets the Effie fans dream of the European Cup. Problem: The upswing of the Routinize has not remained hidden from other clubs. One of them is now officially requested a transfer.

Before the season, Anthony Modest was at best at the 1st FC Cologne a joker roll. Too weak were the performances of the attacker before — both at the Bundesliga club and on his rental station in France at the As Saint-Étienne.

However, the new coach Steffen Rampart did not want to accumulate the experienced storm tank for a straightforward and granted him a fair chance in the season preparation to benefit promptly. Today, about six months later, the former U21 national player (again) is one of the top scoring of the Bundesliga. There are twelve hits to beech so far.

1. FC Cologne is a request from Sheikh Club

According to information from the branch portal Transfermarkt, modest with his services has provided not only in Germany for enthusiasm. Accordingly, a report from Saudi Arabia, where the Frenchman experiencesing direction Arriyadiyah had written by an interest of the AFC Champions League winner Archival on Cologne, the truth.


The club is said to have a request that was financially allegedly extremely attractive. Modest is the wish player of Archival, which wants to strengthen for the FIFA Club World Cup in February.

As the Effete responsible persons responded to the request, although it is not known, a farewell still in January, however, is considered extremely unlikely. Modest es Working Paper in Cologne is still valid until June 30, 2023, Frenchman experiencesy is its importance as high as five years.

In addition, the head-strong fanbleblings have learned from his last exotic adventure: after his short China guest match at Tianjin Tianna, he needed years to get back to momentum. Only since Rampart is there, the Routinize has found his Correcter. Strongly imaginable that he prefers the fast money for the second time after 2017.

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