Wow: comes to Shadowlands a dragon

World of Warcraft Classic is a 2019 MMORPG computer game created and released by Blizzard Amusement. Running alongside the primary variation of the video game, Classic recreates Wow in the state it was in prior to the release of its first growth, The Burning Crusade. It was announced at Blazon 2017 and was launched worldwide August 26, 2019.


Blizzard suggests the final chapter of WoW: Shadow lands in a few weeks . In the mausoleum of the first in Earth Morris lurking the Chairman, who has on the creation of the first and the world senses of Zeroth. No matter how the story goes out of Shadow lands — we are just glad if the whole intrigue game of Oval, Sylvan as and Co. finally have an end. But what is coming? Which adventure can we look forward to next?

A look at Blizzards WoW shop

The big speculation round is open! In recent years, there was at least a few subtle clues to the next WOW extension. A look at Blizzard’s WoW shop was enough to narrow at least the topic of upcoming enlargement. In Battle for Zeroth we offered us the elegant family and the magical Silver dreamer a taste of the shadow lands. Both mounts come from the Greenwald, the rich of the winter queen. The Mystic Runensäbler is another example of a mount that once provided us for an indication of the Legion expansion.

It’s worth a closer look at the current riding and transmit offer in the WOW shop. Particularly interesting are the sapphire cloud torch, sunbathing fur ball and of course the Dragon Mount package. At first glance, this exotic combination does not make sense at all. However, the descriptions in the shop provide us with one or the other exciting info, which may give us an indication of the great topic of the next WOW extension.

The sun’s heated fur ball comes from the emerald dream that is associated with the cosmic domain of life. Maybe we will enter the realm of the moon goddess Elude in the next extension for the first time. The Dragon Mount package is currently encouraging the imagination of the players . Most WoW fans hope that Blizzard finally shows us the dragon islands. From the dragon islands we heard for the first time in Warcraft 2. Blizzard clarified the myth of mysterious landscapes, which are supposed to be somewhere between north end and the eastern kingdom, never completely. A new land mass sounds like an adventure to which we will not say no !

If you want to know more about Furorion, his mission and mystical dragon islands, then read our Lore Special:

Zeroth is a dragon — really now?

Suitable for this there is a new WoW leak , which has it very nice. In a short post, an alleged Blizzard insider ( Attention, these are not official information! ) The story and the features of the next WOW extension together. According to Leak, the dragon islands, fur oration and black dragon swarm are at the center of history. The black prince creates a new black dragon swarm, which even comes into play as a playable people! But the other dragon aspects return to the island to save the heritage of her swarms, rather the dragons forgotten. The night elves and her fate will be more in the story center. But the big common denominator of the whole story should be zeroth itself. Her soul is born at the end of Shadow lands and who would have thought that — the Titanic appears in the form of a young dragon. Crazy, right?

And? Are you already excited?

Honestly, we all suffer from cosmic burnout. The history of Shadow lands, Oval, Sylvan as and the first was much too complex and World of Warcraft (Buy Now) This certain ease that made countless players in her spells years ago. With our return to Zeroth Blizzard could actually venture a gentle story restart and with the classic fantasy theme Dragon can start as good as every1. Each dragon’s swarm could get his own story and who knows, maybe we finally know what mystery is behind the pastorates.

What do you think of the leak? Do you like the idea and the concept of the dragon islands? Would you like to return to Zeroth and devote you again the earthly problems? Or do you have not filled out the exploration of the Cosmos of World of Warcraft? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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