LOL – Riot thinks about eliminating the most hated novelty of the preseason: The end of the new dragon?

League of Legends did not suffer great changes over the last preseason and the developers could live a peaceful ending end with almost all of their new additions. However, this situation found its exception in the Petrochemical Dragon. The new neutral monster has been the great source of controversy of what should be somewhat quieter months and has received negative criticism of the community in general and competitive players or analysts in particular.

The possible disappearance of the Petrochemical Dragon


Faced with the critical constants, a player raised the community doubt whether there really is the possibility that Riot Games decides to throw himself the work of him and eliminate the Techno chemical dragon of League of Legends. A possibility that the company has admitted as real for the first time, and has not done it a single developer worker: two different employees made him public in a Discussion of Reddit giving some details about it.

The first thing the developers expect to make a decision is a greater number of data. Most of the criticisms carried out so far are on social networks or community forums, in which there are only some opinions of the community in general (which is much wider than these areas). Therefore, Riot Axes has ensured that there will be a survey to try to obtain information that truly represents all types of invoked crack players.

To this situation has joined a second employee of the company that ensures that would make a REWORK or would eliminate this function in case the League of Legends community decide it . In this way, the camouflage crack caused by the techno chemical dragon could be reinvented, the benefit that obtains each elimination and the operation of the soul once obtained. A possibility that, in any case, should not be expected soon attending the history of the developer.

Riot Games has already undone some very important changes in the story of League of Legends. Famous are the cases in which champions as dog’maw , Leblanc or ZAC were involved; They reversed partially or totally their playable updates after failing in the loyalty crack.


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