Leap this new FPS with maps for 60 players from Citadel creators: Forged with Fire!

Is Battle Royale slowly walking away from Lamps, since developers are more and more willing to come back to more classic shooting? One of such examples is LEAP, or FPS created by the Blue Isle Studios team. Who is it? Creators Citadel: Forged with Fire, so it’s such a recommendation. Nevertheless, their new project may be greater success!

Leap to FPS with maps housing even and 60 players. This was located in a futuristic climate, it is focused on high mobility and a value of action. At first glance, he can resemble Tribes from Hi-res. Especially when it comes to fighting in the air and dynamism.

Production will appear on Steam soon, and the closed beta will start this month. We know that there will be four unique character classes, and each of them will have not only other statistics — they also differ with skills and an accessible weapon. The game will be a team and players are to talk on the United Earth Defense Coalition or Exo-Terrans side.

Leap will put on the speed of movement, giving us access to jetpacks, grappling hooks, mechanical loose or flying boards, facilitating moving through large maps. There will also be automatic defensive turrets, orbital shots or self-missing rockets (Means, controlled by the player) — all that the destruction was even bigger.

Closed beta leap starts on January 19. Interested with fun, I invite you here. The title will, of course, first in Early Access.

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