Com2us group, block chain, meta bus

For the final success of unique adoption, the sector’s highest possible ranking wages as well as the market’s highest degree of salaries in addition to employment and refreshing trip at the very same time.

[Eye Information 24 Municipal Reporter] The Com2s team is on a blockchain, meta bus.

The Com2s team is on a blockchain, meta bus.

Com2us (Representative Song Jae-won, Lee) and Com2us Holdings (Representative Tablet) introduced on the 11th that it is a special fostering on the field of competition, meta bus.


The Com2s group concentrates on capabilities in the following generation of electronic sectors, met abuses, obstructs, and NFTs (alternate percentage) locations. This employment hires the core skill to be placed on the promotion of significant brand-new businesses such as developing its own met averse system, NFT-based blockchain game growth.

Furthermore, based on their own IP (copyright rights) and the system C2X (tentative), ‘Summer Season Noun: Chronicles’, ‘Globe of Phenomena’, and also ‘Globe of Genoa’, are getting ready for a new game lineup.

Additionally, unique employment techniques are run just for additional employment. Along with Com2us employees, anyone can suggest skilled skill for tasks through outside recommendations in the homepage, as well as if utilized succeeds, the referral gets a settlement of 2 million won.

Papers are completed via a special employment homepage from 2 pm on January 31. The employment treatment is done with record screening, 1, secondary interviews, as well as meetings in accordance with the uninterruptible interviews are conducted in an infrared online way.

Meanwhile, the Com2us group will certainly showcase the game, material, blockchain, and also all-in-one Mirror World Metabus platform ‘Com2ealth’, which encompasses met averse. The Comforts launched through the brand name picture in 2015, executed a brand-new space for the virtual and truth.

The recruitment of the blockchain is the ▲ of the game monetary style ▲ system and also service development ▲ digital possession organization responsibility, and also the met averse area is related to the field of company. ▲ Full stack advancement ▲ (content and also service) ▲ programs (client, web server) There is a selection of tasks.

Files are accomplished via a unique recruitment homepage from 2 pm on January 31. Applicants can get basic individualizes and their resumes and profile enrollments that can show their work capacities. The employment treatment is finished with paper testing, 1, additional meetings, and meetings based on the uninterruptible interviews are conducted in an infrared online way.

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