So Tom Holland would be a black Spider

In the first Spider-Man Trilogy with Today Maguire, it came to a combination of Spider-Man with the Genome symbionts, in whose marvel superhero carried a black suit. But how would such costume actually look at the current spider performer Tom Holland ? The answer to this question is no longer waiting for himself.

Where does the picture material come from?

The Concept Artist Thomas Du Crest has participated in all three films of the current spider-man trilogy and was thus also involved in the recent Marvel blockbuster Spider-Man: No Way Home. He has recently reported Via Twitter and Pictures of Tom Holland released in the Black Symbiote costume.

However, these are unofficial material that should not allow any direct conclusions to the future of Spider-Man. Thomas Du Crest has made this very clear through a wink smiley. Nevertheless, the pictures look perfect and are likely to stimulate the fantasy of the fans accordingly.

Does Venom come to MCU?

Whether it ever happens that Tom Holland slows into the black costume remains to be seen. There have been various rumors and speculation around a performance of Venom in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) for some time. An appropriate note could have given the MID-Credit scene of Spider-Man: No Way Home (Buy Now).

Spider-Man 4 FIRST LOOK Tom Holland Venom Symbiote (PS5 Winner Announcement)
At this point, however, we talk a spoiler warning for those people who have not seen the movie yet. In the credits’ scene you can see Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy) at a bar and is a little later — like all other villains — again — back into his original universe. However, he leaves a small piece of the symbiont. An occurrence of Venom in the MCU is thus in principle nothing in the way.

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