Financial industry pin tek hot air New Year

Corona 19 won the IT industry for two years, and many perception fluctuations have been in the IT industry. After the non-infrared and remote work, the meta bus came to the new keyword. This situation is expected to continue for the time being in 2022. Of course, it is not less than a 2022 keyword to dominate the economy. The presidential elections, including many variables, will be expected to affect IT games next year. Chinned Korea is expected to match the IT key field through the ‘2022 outlook’ series.

‘Bank can be operated like now.’

It is one of the troubles of the bank, of course, and the Fin Tech. The banking point is already reduced, and the inconvenience case is also being shared. Last year, the residents of the residents surrounding the Wolgye-dong branch of Shanahan Bank, was a case that the bank’s store efficiency strategy can not only be proceeded as judgment of the bank. This is because it can not ignore the public opinion that the voice of the third party should be considered to take into account the social responsibilities to carry out the banking function of the bank.

The environment surrounding the New Year’s bank is not good for banking growth. It is a situation that can be taken to the sugar (retail) finance with small licenses and my data (identical credit information management). For this reason, the bank expands the platform strategy and non-financial services as much as the mobile is a doubt, and it is fiercely pursuing the platform.

Acceleration of furnishings… Unable to stop

The banking is weakening the dominance of the contact of retail financing with the Fin Tech and the financial industry of various companies. If you compare the loan products on a platform rather than returning to a loan, you have a natural thing that the lending is natural to get a loan. Rather than transferring through bank mobile banking, we also choose electronic financial services such as TOS or Cacao.

The departure of the customer contact is accelerating the separation of banks (manufacturing-sales). The bank utilizes a vast office organization to sell the goods, but this effect is decreasing. In the third quarter of 2021, Shanahan Bank was 68.4% on the reception product, 68.4%, the goddess product was 61.0%, and the credit (55.2%) and the goddess (39.8%) were significantly increased.

To expand our customer contacts and prevent the disclosure of the customer, you must constantly introduce your customers to your own platform to expand your customer contacts. However, there are more customers who enter a platform that can enjoy a variety of financial services rather than access mobile banking for one bank only. As of the third quarter of 2021, Shanahan Bank Mobile Banking Monthly Activation The number of users is 9.53 million, but the number of monthly activation users in Aka FEI, which is the same period, is 264 million.

Small licensing, WiFi,

Currently, an electronic financial transaction method (which does not exceed the National Assembly threshold) revision is likely to shake the financial industry. This is because Small Licenses included in this amendment, which can only replace some functions of the bank, such as transfer and funds, even if we do not function on the basis of the Goddess creation that is done by the customer and lending them to other customers.

In particular, the utilization of the blockchain based on the recent company has a blockchain, is also threatening the bank’s fund mediation. It is possible to secure the reliability of the transaction without passing the transaction of individual individuals, individual individuals, and certain groups, so that the roles of the intermediary will be reduced.

However, it is a variable that regulations on alternative charges (NFT) or Delhi (DE-FI) are not systematic. The financial path of funding is as important as the financial path of funds, as the fund is moving, and the regulatory authorities are not as important as the sources of regulatory authorities.

Reorganization of competition with bank specialization service, non-finance

Banks are focusing on the development of specialized services that reduce the cost and reduce the cost and reduce the cost and not the big tech. A typical example is an OFNI channel to collaborate between artificial intelligence (AI) based bankers and on-offline channels. We are automating the vast data from the customer, and through it, we are also devoted to the construction of technology to prevent incomplete sales. Bank is constantly building positioning that compare with platforms’ more stable and reliable transactions.

In addition, the financial authorities will be tested to influence the competitiveness of banks of banks, as well as part of the bank’s non-financial services. Shanahan Bank plans to deliver delivery services to KB Kook min Banks to grow real estate and automotive as future growth engines.

As the corporate finance does not allow Big Tech to not enter, the bank is strengthening its competitiveness of corporate finance than retail. Since corporate finance is large, the size of the corporate finance is less digitized than retail finance, so the bank that the bank that first made the digital conversion of corporate finance is to take the best.

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