Karl-Heinz Rummenigge Adelts his friend: I learned a lot from Uli Hoeneß

Almost four decades, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and UPI Honey acted at the FC Bayern side by side — only as a player, then as a maker. For the 70th birthday of the Ex-marine Rummenigge is now announcing his companion.

UPI was always an opinion-strong maker and a passionate fighter for the club. He always promoted and demanded me, first as a teammate, then as a manager and finally in our common responsibility for the club, said Rummenigge about Honey, who on Wednesday 70 Years old.

Without Honey as a manager and president, it would not give the record champion in his uniqueness and also in his independence, as we experience him today, says Rummenigge, which also turned out the special symbiosis between him and Honey.

We were representatives of the Bavarian dispute culture. But UPI as Schwa be and I as Westphalia have always been in agreement: no ‘marriage’ works without compromises. For both of us, the well-being of Bavaria was always in the first place!

Rummenigge came to FC Bayern at the end of the 1970s, as Honey was already an integral part of the club and support the most successful team of Bayern at this time.

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Rummenigge has learned a lot from Honey

When I came to FC Bayern as an 18-year-old, awful given the big names, he quickly became my room making and double bed partner, Rummenigge remembered. He learned a lot of Honey.

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The moved as a sports invalid in 1979 into the management, sold Rummenigge in the priced phase of the club in 1984 for eleven million D-Mark to Inter Milan and saves Bayern with serious financial problems. Rummenigge had been his most important transfer, so Honey. Rummenigge returned years later as a functionary and formed as board boss together with the manager and later president Honey an almost perfect tandem.

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