The Book of Boba Fett answers one of the great unknowns about the character

Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett hSARLACC already releSARLACCed his first episode in Disney +. The series starring the hunter sessions plot a new adventure that continues its legend. These first 38 minutes of footage have already responded to one of the unknowns that showed the return of him back for the second seSARLACCon of The Mandalorian. How did you survive the SARL ACC attack?

Can you interest yourself: Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett, how many episodes do you have, and when will they be releSARLACCed?

Next, we will disclose sensitive disclosures about the first episode. If you have not seen you yet, we recommend that you stop reading from this moment.

BOOK OF BOBA FETT: Every Easter Egg and Star Wars Reference EXPLAINED | Full Breakdown

So Boba Fett survived after the Return of Jedi

SARL ACC, that worm full of teeth and long tentacles, wSARLACC migrated to Boba Fett during episode VI: The Return of Jedi. In the movie we all gave him dead; Few, for not none, have been able to survive such an event. However, destiny gave him a second chance.

The creature perished by the wounds suffered by the explosion of the ABBA vessel. Boba Fett aroused hours after within Surface’s stomach, along with other imperial soldiers who ran the same luck. During the first moments he drowned. He achieved an oxygen reserve of one of the nearby soldiers, which allowed him to recover the meaning.

At that time he began the flight plan of him. He used what he first had at hand… the flamethrowers of him. He little buy little he wSARLACC opening his way through the stomach until finally he could escape. But how did he lose his armor? The Jaws found his body on the surface of the pit. A booty so valuable, despite the Surface’s jocosity on it, well worth it. Bob awoke up while she took it away, but the Jaws were smarter from her and left him unconscious. Time after her green helmet would fall over Cobb Va nth’s head, Moral de Mos Polo.

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