Sega the fastest PC development in the world is successful

The fastest PC came out in the world. 100 km per hour.

The Japanese company ‘SEGA’ announced the PC mounted on the RC car, commemorating the ‘Steam Holiday Sale 2021′. The PC was collaborated with Intel, Animal, and the CPU is equipped with Intel Core I9-12900K and graphics cards with Radon RX 6900 AT 16 GB. RC car production was a professional Japanese company ‘G Force’. Actual use result The PC recorded about 100 km of speed and obtained the title the fastest PC in the world.

Several is scheduled to provide this PC as a real prize through Twitter events. The PC also includes 23 steam keys such as , and <> series. Unfortunately, the event will be conducted on the Japanese residents in Japan.

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The event seems to have been conducted for new marketing. Taxi and Atlas will plan to launch two new species in 2022. On March 17, the PC version of <Persona 4 Dauttimax Ultra Suffer Holds is released, and in winter in winter, Sonic Frontier is scheduled. Sonic, a three-year-old character, is also a fastest hedgehog in the world.

The actual PC’s appearance and the production process can be found in the video below.

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