Destiny 2 Weekly Reset am 21 12 Anbruch

Destiny 2 it is raining gifts and plenty of luster dust — there is a solemn dawn mood. So that you know what you have expected in this Christmas week, we bring from Mango you up to date and reveal what is worth this week.

This happened this week: You have now only two weeks, you to earn the dawn of weapons with good rolls. The new perks that Bungee has added that weapons have become stronger. In addition, you can also get to the first stasis sword.

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This week is then also the last Triumph Fateful rotation at the Seal 30 years of Bungee lockable. If you defeat the Minotaur in the tests of courage eternity of Our, can you bursting with joy and you also pick up the helmet ornament Terrible symmetry in his treasury.

Otherwise, the new dungeon maelstrom of greed, the current content highlight of Destiny 2. For the players, just like Wilhelm-7 once the loot lust expire and on a treasure hunt for the perfect roll for handgun Yasmina and the new Artful Armor sets with a unique advantage.

The new Destiny 2 dungeon is maelstrom of greed a treasure hunting adventure with nasty traps

The most important information about activities from 12.21. To 28.12.

Twilight: The acid test is this week the strike:

test site, Census
Calls tanks on Census await you at dusk. The once underestimated Strike is challenging and requires the fight champions of humanity against Champions Cabal to determine the fate of the last city.
This twilight weapons are currently:
The hothead, Arkus-rocket launchers (Master)
Disagreement SR4, kinetics scout rifle (Master)

Playlist strikes have these modifiers:
Accompanied modifier for scorch you all week, the other change daily.

Weekly bonus this week:
This week gets her a boost to the Gambit ranking points.

This happens in the raid Glass Chamber :

At the Glass Chamber the challenge Out of the way is pending. Prevents even only once teleported the Templar boss. At least one guardian (usually the relic-carrier) must for this jump in the blue and red spots in the arena.
The raid waits a lost in time weapon in Challenge Mode as a reward. This week there is again the destiny Bringer in cool silver chrome. You can get them there, then with explosive charge and fireflies — an explosive mix! The weapon also comes with guaranteed two Perks per slot. But keep in mind always that hardware and normal mode to share the loot.

The armor focusing on the raid this week: Discipline

melting pot — These are the PVP playlists:

Private Match

Glory survival
Glory Survival: Freelance
Team Sears

ascendant Challenge :

Petra Vent this week a super 5 . Ascendant challenge for all jump champion: the judges Abyss. You can find Petra and her quest offer on the waterfront dreamer city. After all, the curse is this time in cooldown. We have the first Pirates Week.

Seasonal activity — Fragmented Empire:

This week you expect Ruins of Wrath in the fragmented realm of ascendant level when you discover the mysteries and want to find anchor.

sources for high-quality loot in Season 15 of Destiny 2

This is the new Max Level: In the season of the Forgotten, the maximum power level is your equipment in 1330. So that the power level is increased by only +10 compared to the previous season 14th

You are therefore not concerned with the troublesome levels, but you can plunge into the endgame immediately.

This tip Loot (Pinnacle Gear) brings you over 1320:

Achieved at dusk: fire assay at least 100,000 points (+2)
Simulation: Exo-challenge (+1)
Omen mission Fall Moon (+2)
Prophecy Dungeon (+2)
Sign-mission Lyon (+2)
Raid the transparent chamber (+2)
Empire Hunt: Priestess of Darkness (+2)
In the fragmented Empire, 4 Champions defeat (+1)
Graduated 3 gambit matches (+1)
3 Graduated crucible matches (+1)
Includes 3 Strikes with appropriate focus on (+1)
Hawthorne clan task (+1)
Testing of Osiris, 7 wins (+2)
Testing of Osiris, 50 laps gain (+2)

luster dust highlights in Everversum

When Tess in Everversum there are again some cosmetic items on offer that might still miss in your collection. This week is looking forward to your mind determines much when it equips it with a scratchy, old-fashioned, green-red Christmas sweater. But please pretty pack.

Do not forget your gloss dust gift: If you are scarce with gloss dust, you should look straight into the everseversum after the Weekly reset. Bungee already gives you large packages with gloss dust in the third week. You just have to pick you up at Tess and then can shop Cosmetics.

You get that for shine dust this week still at Tess on offer :

The exotic break-ship sleepless flight
The exotic weapon dirt Consent for the anarchy.
Exotic sparrow polar swirl, a traveling polar bear
Exotic emote Biscuit baking
Legendary emote Schlitterschuh-Partie
Ghost projection Snow Folk Projection
Teleport effect Sweet appearance
And as shimmering shader Habits

What are you busy in the last Christmas week? After all, the best time is now in Destiny 2 to increase its gloss dust stock. Or would you prefer the new armor and weapons Gondolas to be prepared for Witch Queen?

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