Balotelli with curious congratulation occurs against the head

Adana Demise is a Turkish football club based in Adana.

Mario Bagatelle has taken care of in the Turkish league in the game of its current club Adana Demister against Galatasaray Istanbul with a curious campaign.

After Runs Afghan met the lead at the 2-0 victory of Demister, he is celebrated frenetically by his teammates. Bagatelle also belonged to the well-wishers, but did not choose the usual embrace or obligatory pat on the back of the head.

The 31-year-old picked up in the back of the scorer with the left leg to take Afghan with a kick. It was obviously a friendly gesture, Bagatelle hit his teammate only slightly.

While the scene caused a laugh for laughing, Afghan even put on it and also scored the second goal of the day.

Balotelli Failed Trick Shot and Substitution

For Bagatelles club, to which he had come from Monza in the summer, it is currently not bad anyway. After 18 match days, Demister is 29 points on the fourth place. Bagatelle already contributed six hits and two assists in the Super Big.

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