Deathloop End Guide How to get all the finals spoilers

The following guide contains main Spoilers at the Death loop end. If you have not completed the game yourself, and you want to avoid ruining the end, come back when you have completed the game at least once.

The story of Death loop reaches a climax when Colt faces Julianna after knowing the true identity of her and hiding outside the confines of Black reef. Once you have collected the rakyetoplan, and you have crashed where it is, a scene will be developed in which Julianna is offered to her and Colt to find out how to proceed. Then you face a choice that shapes the end result of history, but the game is not particularly clear about how to orchestrate the end to your liking, so here you have an Death loop end guide that explains how to get all the FINALS

How to get all the late Death loop

There are three different finals in Death loop, each of which will be activated depending on the action you do after Julianna presents you a vintage gun. These are the following:

Breaking the loop
Stay somewhat without Julianna

Stay informed with Julianna

Breaking the loop

If your intention is to break the circle and finish with the pranks in Black reef once and for all, you will want to kill Julianna (she shoots by pressing the R2 button) and then kill you jumping from the edge of the platform in which you are.. Both standing. This will result in an end in which Colt wakes up for the last time on the beach with Julianna standing on him and pointing him with a gun at his head. She is not happier…

The loop is broken, but it depends on your imagination to decide whether Julianna and Colt are still friends or now deadly enemies.

Stay somewhat without Julianna

If you want to free Julianna from the loop but imagine that Colt continues her search for visionaries in an endless cycle by his account, he shoots Julianna but instead of jumping from the platform, he sees and sitting on the chair. Colt will wake up on the beach and start a new day hunting visionaries without Julianna in sight.

DEATHLOOP - All Endings & Credits (All 3 Endings | Secret Ending)
Stay informed with Julianna

Its third death loop completion option is to stay aware of Julianna and live his life together in an endless cycle. To achieve this end, all you have to do is call Julianna’s lantern and not shoot after the countdown. She either, and you two will decide to live together after wake up on the beach the next morning.

This final actually gives a dialogue after the credits, which perhaps suggests that Arcane sees him as the canon real end.

That’s all you need to know about ours death cycle Final guide that explains how to get all the finals. In the game. To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our wiki or consult more of our coverage below.

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