New smartphone application game Velvet code Velvet CODE

Game hours Co., Ltd. is a new smartphone app game Velvet Code -Velvet Code- scheduled to start service in the company’s game brand Gaseous I knew that the registration campaign was started.

Game hours Co., Ltd. is a new smartphone app game Velvet Code -Velvet Code- scheduled to start service in the company’s game brand Gaseous We will inform you that you started a registration campaign.

Pre-registration summary

We started accepting pre-registration for the new smartphone application game Velvet code -Velvet code- for the start of service in winter.

▼ Register on the official site

A closed beta test that has been well-received, has been developing intensive development based on your usual opinion. We plan to send out the development status of the development situation, so please wait for advance registration.

Pre-registration campaign

We will hold a pre-registration campaign that changes the reward distributed after the release according to the number of pre-registrants.

10,000 people breakthrough: Fragmented fry x 10,000 30,000 people Equipment box x 5 50,000 breakthroughs: Automatic chip x 20 100,000 people breakthroughs: Emergency dispatching certificate x 10,000 people breaking: Rodney (CV: Suva))

Pre-registration start commemoration Twitter campaign

In commemoration of pre-registration, we will hold Twitter campaigns that hit Amazon gift cord. You can join in follow & retweet, so please join from the official Twitter.

Way to participate
1 Follow the official Twitter jp
2 Campaign Tweet RT jp/status/1471314285217587201

Velvet Code-With Velvet Code-

Velvet Code -Velvet Code- is an RPG that fights with the girls called the spirits of each country while each country is fighting around the territorial rights, and to defeat the old power Lugs. Countries of various individualizes are further growing more strongly by deepening the relationship with you as well as combat. Please experience the new world with the Hall.

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The official site of Velvet Code -Velvet Code- is here

Click here for Twitter account of Velvet Code -Velvet Code- jp

About Velvet Code -Velvet Code-

[Title] Velvet Code-Velvet Code- [Genre] Fleet Personification RPG (provisional) [provider] Game hours Co., Ltd. [Development company] 9 YOU [Operating company] GAMES JAPAN (Management is outsourced) [Supported OS] Android / iOS [Price] Basic Free (with in-app charge) © 9you all rights reserved. © Game hours Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved © Game hours Inc. We games Hotel, LTD

About Game hours Co., Ltd.

Company name: Gaseous Company Limited representative: Bonded Market: 2019 Business Overview: App Delivery Service for Smartphone

About We games Japan

Gaseous Company Limited outsourced to operate this game. Company Name: We games Japan Representative: Occupational Established: 2015 Business Overview: Smartphone App Operation Project URL:

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