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The invented by the late cartoonist and author André Fran quin Marsupials fantasy animal enjoys a certain cult status among many comic fans. Therefore, there will be many fans have been looking forward, is that manufacturers Microids the Marsupials license for a Jump & Run game has secured. Less encouraging is unfortunately what Microids and Thicker Cells Studio have made with the license, namely precious little. Those who expect great here fan service will be disappointed herb: For Hoobadventure provides just the beginning of a story, virtually no cutscenes and apart from unlockable pictures galleries with concept art and 3D artwork nothing that fans really the comic series in any form should make you happy. Enemies, levels, characters, moves — everything looks good, but looks quite interchangeable and therefore almost a little unkind. In return, Microids would not necessarily have to bring the Marsupials license. Fortunately, this is also the most damning criticism of Marsupials: Hoobadventure, otherwise the Jump & Run can be quite impressive.

Weak story, good scope

The story is quickly told: the three Marsupials Twister, Hope and punch must hold a nasty spirit from destroying their beloved homeland Colombia. The hunt for the spirit runs through three worlds (city, jungle and temple) and includes 28 levels. Before a section you decide which of the three want Marsupials their control. A playful difference does not make your choice. All three Marsupials have the same skills and moves. The range of motion of fantasy animals is also not very extensive, resulting in Hoobadventure well suited for younger players with little platforming experience. The left stick moves you your Marsupials and to press the B button makes it jump. Use the Y button let you your character roll, grab something or hit you with his tail. With the ZR button it executes a spin attack. In addition, there are a few action combinations, such as a bit further leap when it performs a role previously or spin attack from above, with its objects can break. But basically it was already.

In the three demanding boss levels you follow the evil spirit, which in
Colombia, home of Marsupials, providing powerful trouble. Source: Microids

easy mode for younger players

As the control suggests, Marsupials is: (buy now €39,57) Hoobadventure not highly complex hopping and jumping game, especially in the first two worlds. You overcome with your Marsupials obstacles and dodges enemies or pulls them out of circulation, while her collect cheerful fruit. For 100 of these vitamin-rich goodies you get an extra life. These virtual life loses it, but only if you jump off a cliff or take three times by opponents or certain obstacles Damage (normal difficulty) and lose heart. Said hearts you can during a level but also replenish.

In addition, there are several in each section, usually fair set reset points at which you are allowed to re-enter the action. You go over a level really times the virtual screen life out, gets her donated ten new and need the appropriate section simply start anew. This also applies to the easy difficulty, on the one falling into the abyss is always also usually fatal, but you can enemies or traps harm. You have in easy mode also activate a jump fruit that you also rescue from fatal crashes option after a few failed attempts. Is this — always regenierende — Help activated, but you can not collect distributed in Level feathers.

Many hidden extras

For which of the three Marsupials you decide ago levels,
does not affect the game play. Source: Microids Nevertheless, it should be possible even younger players from 6 years to complete the first half of levels easily. After that, the difficulty draws towards the end of the second world easily, only to be quite absurd towards the end of the third section in part. Especially the final battle against the spirit must complete without errors by the required precision with her long passages without memory point, a real challenge. And even if you have other games of this kind has mastered. Until then, the biggest challenge is to find all placed in a level springs and Secrets what, but in places is not easily doable with a little practice.

In dojo skill levels you have to collect a certain number of rings within a certain time limit. An entertaining change. Source: Microids In almost every level there is a hidden skill course (DOJO called), where you collect a certain number of rings within a time limit. These dojos are gradually heavier, although only the really last one big hurdle are. If you make such a level, you get tickets for it. This uses you to play bonus levels in which massive fruits are collected. In addition, you may still complete all levels in a time exam mode. Who Marsupials: Hoobadventure just wants to play through, is needed for the 10 hours. But you want to complete all levels including time challenges and unlock the complete bonus material, then you can relax the double playing time.

Marsupilami: Hoobadventure Full Gameplay Walkthrough (Longplay)

Pretty graphic with smaller defects

In technical terms, the Marsupials developed with the Unity Engine makes a total impression overall. The levels, the game figures and the opponents look good, but the presentation is not always liquid and also the precision of the control leaves here and there to be desired. Language edition is looking for her in Hoobadventure in vain and the pretty dubious music annoys after a while.

My opinion

By Wolfgang Fischer
[email protected]

Good game, for Marsupials fans but a bit disappointing

Marsupials: Hoobadventure may not be the most innovative and varied jump & run of all time, but it makes fun and the simple game mechanics work. So good that the young target group will also be able to cope well. At least in the first half of the game, then the challenges are slightly bigger, which can ever provide for one or the other frustration moment, even in easy mode. At least that was the case with my eight-year-old son. If you have a little more experience and has already played one or the other Jump & Run, you will not have greater problems except for a few club-hard sections with Hoobadventure. The scope of the game is quite ok, if you feel like the time challenges. From a fan view, this marsupials game is a small disappointment because there are virtually no story and there is no big relation to the comics. Since the developers have had a little more stuff.

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Good, child-friendly Jump & Run with many bonus contents, but also annoying toggles [Source: Microids]

By Wolfgang Fischer
14.12.2021 at 16:00

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