Genhin Impact silly and at the same time cute

Please go on, there is no news, but only a tiny feel-good video in the evening. The topic: Genshin Impact. The footage: a puppy moves the 5-star character Eula and the mistress is completely out of the house in the Geisha Game Wunschlotterie. May I help you!

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UNBELIEVABLE!!! Now You Have A NEW PET That Can FIGHT You...
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A wish, an EULA

Not to be seen is not much: Mistress Loswings7 squats in the evening on the couch and plays Genuine Impact on the tablet. A wish is available. Church takes the paw from the puppy and pushes with her on the button for the desired process. From the blue animation becomes a golden and Today: EULA is here. Mistress is happy and master distributes a gentle assassination for the happy dog.

All want a dog!

Of course, the scene is taken up by the Reddit users with humor and fun. Among other things, you now wish that you could borrow the happiness dog. Others do not want to believe the luck of the dog owners and suspect that they have taken the video so often until suddenly the Lucky Pull was there. Well, what’s about.

Also, it is also possible that the video had to be recorded only once, because luggage protection for a 5-star character was 50 out of 50. Peachy aesthetic writes that the in-house cat HU Tao should have pulled, but unfortunately only Disc came out.

And at the end of the day: Who Care? It’s just about a few feel-good vibes and a little smile 🙂 Great people their 20 seconds puppy fame.

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