Max stappen It s incredible it s crazy

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Max stopping, they are formula 1 world champion!

It’s incredible. I fought the whole race and had a chance in the last round. It’s unbelievable, it’s crazy. I do not know what to say. These guys here, my team, they deserve that. I love them so much, and I enjoy it so much to work with them since 2016. This year was incredible.

Verstappen's Maiden Win | Spanish Grand Prix 2016

How was that on the last round as you got the chance still past Lewis Hamilton?

Finally, a little luck for me. Crazy. I would like to thank Check (TeamKollege Sergio Perez). He is sensational driving today. That was great teamwork, and he is a great teammate.

Your father is here and experienced this triumph, your girlfriend among other things. How is that for you?

My goal when I was young was to become formula 1 driver. And now you are standing here and are world champion. Everything comes back to you. The trips, everything we made together. My family, my friends, almost all who have always kicked me are here. It’s just fantastic.

That was perhaps the most exciting year of formula 1. Which message do you have to your team and fans?

My team knows that I love it. I hope we can do that for ten or 15 years. There is no reason to change for me. I want to stay with you for the rest of my life and I hope you leave me. It’s unbelievable and I’m so happy. Christian (Corner, Team Director) and Helmut (Marko, MotorsportChef) trusted me and brought me to the team in 2016. Of course, our goal was to win this World Cup. Now we did that.

A few words in the direction of Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis is a great driver, a great competitor. The two teams have made themselves mutually difficult, but this is part of the sport. I am sure that we will come back next year and try again.

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