White Shadows Review a twisted story that was to be told

Examination of white shadows

Some games strive to do more than just entertain. Some seek to tell an emotional story, while others can try to communicate a politically loaded message. Whether implicit or explicit, society themes are becoming more and more important in video games. White Shadows has a simple subject that permeates everything, but will he be able to find a balance between gameplay and narration?

After the Great War, civilization was torn, creating an inhuman gap based on wealth. Trapped in a dark and twisted totalitarian world and with the dominant weight of oppression spread across the city, a young adventurer seeks to escape. Tired of clinging hardly at the bottom of the social hierarchy, Raven girl risks everything in a truly fascinating trip to reach equality.

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A multitude of skyscrapers dominates the sky, creating an argument aura that hangs on the environment. Hard structures cement the gap between society, setting up a relatable but political narrative. Moniker tackles a variety of problems. Sometimes they suddenly defy heavy subjects with narrative sequences taking place in the background. Counter this is the open and conflict method they address other topics. While I applaud bravery, some may have trouble digesting the hard description of reality.

At the base, White Shadows is a platform and puzzle game 2.5D. The metal structures form the base of the crossing. Raven girl’s movement is similar to that of Limbo protagonist, slightly floating and at a methodical pace. The puzzles are diverse, some require you to position objects to progress while others challenge you to discover bigger gear. Although puzzles are not particularly difficult, the lack of grip is commendable. Moniker trusts you to overcome obstacles and progress at your own pace.

The gameplay varies for about 4 hours of play, taking you to strange and wonderful places. Sometimes you will have to avoid obstacles coming in reverse, perform a platform based on the timing and even participate in a television game. While the gameplay varies and plunges its greenhouses into the absurd, each section is finely set to explore grievances with the world.

With its breathtaking monochrome artistic style, White Shadows is a visual masterpiece. Bright colors contrast, highlighting the key elements of the environment. Scaffolding and severe architecture invade the horizon, anchoring authoritarian control. In front of this, machines creak in the background, signaling the position of the working class. Each aspect helps to create an intoxicating atmosphere that will keep you hooked throughout.

The characters capture the ignoble atmosphere of the universe. Similar to the great literature like Animal Farm and MAUs, anthropomorphic creatures live in the world. The wolves reign in master, forcing pigs to occupations with high labor intensity. The birds were stooped to endure life as a second zone citizens. Cute chicks are gathered and used as fodder, echoing the horrible events of the Second World War. Although sometimes disturbing, every aspect has a goal that calls into question injustice.

The sumptuous soundtrack completes the visuals. Deep and disturbing drones focus on the air creating a feeling of discomfort. Discordant crashes and tiring artificial sounds piercing at regular intervals, adding to the unpredictability of the game. Metal sounds resound in the air, anchoring the industrial steampunk decor. To counter this, there is a range of classic symphonies that capture the particular features of White Shadows. From Risky Forsake to Strauss, a range of expressive melodies helps to add cinematographic sequences to the epic. The combination of melodies and dialogue cards evokes the feeling of primitive cinema, which has an obvious influence on the game.

Unfortunately, you will come to the conclusion fairly quickly and remember. Although it says a lot about the quality of the title, I would have liked to see more chapters added. However, you will love this memorable adventure through a dystopic world, even with its short duration.

White Shadows is a unique title that is a weight argument for the notion that games are art. Not only does he find his individuality with his creative design, but he also has a clear message about society issues. While some can find pretty painful sections, Moniker’s commitment to address sensitive topics is commendable. With this bold outing being their first title, I can not wait to see what the future reserves to this talented team. Despite its short run, narrative-oriented puzzle platform game fans will love this insatiable title. Xbox Series X key supplied by the editor

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