Destiny 2 Weekly Reset am 07 12 Happy Birthday Bungie

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With today’s Weekly reset, the content drought of the past months is over in Destiny 2. Even if the Story from Season 15 is still open to Marathon, the players can now play the new activities for the anniversary 30 years of bungee. We from Mango show you what’s all this week to discover everything new.

This happens this week: Bungee takes the extended season 15 times to celebrate its 30th anniversary extensively with the players. For this reason, from tonight many new contents has come into play, which should remind of glorious moments and special places from the past.

Destiny 2 | NEW CONTENT & ANNIVERSARY RESET! New LOOT, Activities, Patch Info, Previews (7th Dec)

Even otherwise, Bungee has packed today’s Weekly Reset on December 7th to up. The birthday event also starts the triumph moments 2021 as well as the iron banner. At least in the triumph moments, it is known that they will also refer to the anniversary of bungee.

In the article on the event you can already view the first pictures of the new weapons and activities.

Destiny 2 celebrates today with great update 30 years bungee — that awaits you

Take a look at the official trailer for the 30th anniversary here:

In addition, with Update 3.4.0 many changes live, which bungee had already announced:

Among the Nerf for the Vex osteoclast, which counts in Season 15 to the best weapons.
Adjustments to different weapons archetypes, such as exotics and shotgun
Comprehensive changes to melee and super capabilities incl. New decay time system.

Bungee obviously has no problem with making a lot of fundamentally upside down to get back for more gun play, especially in the PVP. Good possible that Destiny 2, due to the adjustments, could feel different from tonight for many players.

The most important information about activities from 07.12. Until 14.12.

The dusk: The fire sample is the following strike this week:

The corrupted
In this strike in the dreaming city you have to free the Tehran Media. However, bungee has made adjustments to the strike because it partially belonged and was also very long. So it could have a little easier for courageous keepers.
These twilight weapons are currently available:
Palindrome, empty handgun (master)
The Swarm, Arius Machine Gun (Master)

Playlist Strikes have these modifiers:

Stasis fire

The modifier for sinking accompanies you all week, the others change daily.
In addition, you will receive a boost on the melting soft and iron banners this week.

that happens in the RAID glass chamber :

In the glass chamber you can accept the challenge Warm…. In doing so, you should first kill the Wyvern during the encounter, if these start to sacrifice on the conflux. Which is not that easy. If it only succeeds to sacrifice, you have to start from scratch.
As a reward, the time-refined weapon Vision of Confluence is waiting in Challenge mode. The gun is then guaranteed with 2 perks per slot. Considering that hard and normal fashion share the loot.
The armor focus in the RAID is this week: strength

Melting pot — these are the PVP playlists:

Private Match

Glory survival
Glory survival: Freelance
Dynamics control
Iron Banner

Ascendant Challenge :

Petra Vent is conveniently located on the spawn point of the dreaming city. The 2nd curse week prevails throughout the zone. You can prove you in the 3 . Ascendant challenge named Splitteruinen.

Sources for top loot in Season 15 of Destiny 2

This is the new Max Level: In the season of the forgotten lies the maximum power level of your equipment to 1.330. Thus, the Powerless has risen only by +10 compared to the previous Season 14.

So you are not busy with the annoying levels, but can immediately fall into the endgame.

This top Loot (Pinnacle Gear) brings you over 1.320:

Reaches at dusk: fire sample at least 100,000 points (+2)
Simulation: EX Challenge (+1)
Omen mission Falkenmond (+2)
Prophecy Dungeon (+2)
Sign mission Lyon (+2)
RAID The Glass Chamber (+2)
Empire Hunt (+2)
Defeat in fragmented empire, 4 champions (+1)
Complete 3 Gambit Matches (+1)
Completes 3 crucible matches (+1)
Complete 3 strikes with a matching focus (+1)
Hawthorne’s clan task (+1)
Eisenbanner (4x +2)

Gloss dust highlights in the everversum

Of course, during the birthday event, there are also some cosmetics to earn. Nonetheless, Tess as always a few cosmetic items in offer, which may still be missing in your collection. You get that for shine dust this week still at Tess on offer : Exotic weapon dirt for Falkenmond Austroraptor Exotic emote Spring rain Legendary emote Lighter gun Exotic spirit shell Prophet’s cover Exotic ship Chrysoplealea-S Exotic Sparrow Excessive Punk Ghost projection Tet reader projection Teleport effect The celebration of new Shader Flawed core, Chances splendor, atmosphere shimmer and polished reed What do you say about the current trailer and what activity are you interested in the most? Will you immediately explore the new content or let out steam in the iron banner?

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